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  • The Green Bay Packers has been playing well in recent weeks after the team struggled in the first half of the season. Jordan Love who is the Quarterback of the Packers has now get his fullback position since Aaron Rodgers left the Packers which he played for them since 2005 to 2022 and he was the greatest quarterback in modern Packers history. Now Love gets to experience more time being the quarterback since he used to be Rodgers substitute quarterback and has grown in the last few years. There was special guess inside Green Bay like Pop Star Taylor Swift who still have a relationship with Travis Kelce from the Chiefs with Britney Mahones Patrick’s Wife and Lyndsay Bell at the Celebrity Booth and another celebrity star known as Gymnastics Olympic Star Champion Simone Bile. While Patrick Mahones the Quarterback of the Chiefs has never played in Green Bay which he always wanted to play at Lambeau Field in Green Bay which it became a reality for him. Matt LaFleur the Head Coach of the Packers has never lost a football match in December 2019 and had 15-0 in his career which he could get a victory if they find a way to beat the Chiefs.

    The game started off with the Kansas City Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin. It started off with Green Bay running the ball from Jordan Love to Jayden Reed and took a 9 yards run. Then Jordan Love did a long pass to Christian Waston to the Kansas City 44 yard line. A good long stretch of the effort from Green Bay pushed themselves to the end zone which AJ Dillon almost give Green Bay the touchdown but stopped at the 1 yard line. When it was 2nd and Goal, Jordan Love faked the pass and then gives it to Ben Sims and give Green Bay the first touchdown of the night which it was also his first NFL Touchdown. The first went 75 yards on 13 plays and took 7:47 off the clock, while the second went 75 yards on eight for 4:21. The Packers has opened the scoreboard 7-0 to start of the lead. While the Chiefs had the ball Patrick Mahone tried his best to pass the Packers Defense which the Packs were good. However Mahone’s did a throw to Marquez Valdes-Scantling while he went down on the field but lucky to catch the ball before it went to the ground. It didnt last when Mahone was sacked twice by the Green Bay Defense and ended up a field goal for the Chiefs which the Packers are still leading 7-3.

    When the 2nd Quarter began, Love passed the football to Tucker Kraft and run over 10 yards but was helped from Travis Kelce to pull him up. Jordan Love resume long throws to Dontayvion Wicks and then continued to gain yards close to the end zone. When the Packers were at 3rd and 5, at the Kansas City 9 yards line, Jordan Love held the ball which he was trapped by the Kansas City Defense but managed to pass it to Christian Watson and give Green Bay another touchdown. Watson did his icon dance for his touchdown celebration as Green Bay gained the lead 14-3. Then Mahone passed the ball to Kelce for Kansas City for run scrimmage but still failed to get the touchdown so they took another field goal at the Green Bay 34 yard line. Before halftime, Love passed on the right to Christian Watson by managing to avoid dropping the ball first. Then Jordan Love, had the ball at the Green Bay 44 yard line with 2nd and 5 which he give the ball to Patrick Taylor and ran all the way to 32 yard line. It didn’t last well when Green Bay moved 5 yards back for 3rd and 15 which he was sacked by the Kansas City Defense while wrapped up the first half with Green Bay leading 14-6.

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    During the 2nd half, Matt LaFleur the Head Coach of the Packers had an interview NBC Sports and there was Kansas City taking charge an finally made 2nd and 4 from Rashee Rice at the Green Bay 1 yard line for first and goal which Isiah Pacheco got the Chiefs a quick made the touchdown but the referee added a flag which there was miscommunication so the touchdown was still good which confused everyone about the ball. However, they tried the 2 point conversion which failed to finish the job. Overall the Packers has still take advantage 14-12 which it was a 2 point game by far, which Green Bay made a great run from AJ Dillion at the Green Bay 48 yard line. While Green Bay was 4 and 1 at the 45 yard line, Love did a massive pass to Romeo Doubs at the 11 yard line. Afterwards, Love had an incredible pass to Christian Watson to give the amazing touchdown which he did his dance style celebration. The Packers has gained the lead 21-12 which it could be a Green Bay miracle. The Kansas City Chiefs had decided to run the ball has much turns as possible while the Green Bay defence tried to avoid the Chiefs first down slowly. All the way to the end of the quarter Patrick Mahones give the ball to Isiah Pacheco which he used his mighty power to move forward with the Green Bay defence all the way to the 1 yard line.

    The 4th Quarter started off with the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahones pass it to Noah Gray which give the Chiefs the touchdown. The result just added 21-19 still a 2 point conversion while Green Bay still takes the lead. Afterwards both Green Bay and Kansas City both failed to finish the play while trying to get run but made some failed passes. When the Green Bay Packers had their turn with 10 minutes left on the clock, Jordan Love made a massive pass to Romeo Doubs at the Green Bay 44 yard line for a 27 yard pass from Love. Then Love passed the ball to Malik Heath and gives it to Christian Waston to go around half a circle to take the 13 yard run. After a quick incomplete pass, AJ Dillon took the 10 yard run and kept the clock moving so Green Bay could have more time to take charge. Then Love passed the ball to Heath and took the 15 yard pass. Green Bay couldn’t finish the job which Love was sacked by the Chiefs defense but Anders Carlson the placekicker of the Packers kicked a 40 yard field goal and it was good which they took the lead 24-19. While Kansas City had the ball, Patrick Mahones passed it to Rashee Rice for a 9 yard pass. It didn’t last when Mahones was intercepted by Keisean Nixon. Keisean Nixon and his fellow teammates ran to the end zone for a celebration after the interception. Afterwards, Jordan Love passed the ball to Dontayvion Wicks. Another great pass from Love to Watson for a great run but wanted to slide down but ended up having a hamstring injury late. Green Bay did everything moment to keep the run but ended up sacked on 4th down after the 2 minute warning.

    Green Bay Packers took the 48 yard field goal from Anders Carlson which Green Bay still took the lead by 27-19. While Kansas City has one last chance to play the game and hoping to tie the game to overtime which it started off with Mahones taking the run for 25 yards but however there was aggressive contact by the Green Bay defense which the referee brought the flag for a 5 yard penalty automatic first down with 57 seconds left remaining. After the use of penalty yards, the Chiefs landed at the Green Bay 45 which Mahones passed on his left to Rice which we went down to the 35 yard line until there was a fumble and Corey Ballentine of Green Bay ran the ball all the way for 68 yards to get the touchdown which the referee quickly overturned the touchdown because there was a flag for 2 reasons. Patrick Mahones pointed out that it was already ruled a flag which the Replay Official reviewed the play that the runner was not down by contact ruling, and the play was reversed which also caused penalty from Pacheco for contacting Keisean Nixon before the fumble thereby Pacheco was disqualified for the rest of the game and was ejected from the game. Ruling the 15 yard penalty for Kansas City to start at the 50 yard line. With 50 seconds left on the clock, the Chiefs has no timeouts left which they have to move quickly before the game ends. Mahones took the long throw to Marquez Valdes-Scantling which it was an incomplete pass. Mahones pushed all of the effort until the last play with 5 seconds left to see if he can play a long throw for a short circle spin and use his strong arms to go long range and the Packers defense worked as a team to block the ball at the end zone and they won the game 27-19. The Packers fans were hyped up for the victory because it was a match to remember. According to NFL, Green Bay’s first-year starter Jordan Love was stellar Sunday night, especially at the start of both halves.

    The game ended with handshakes from each teammate and coaches and crew assistants for hugs, applauding each other and conversations for the performance of the game. The Packers has won 4 of their last 5 games and now reach 6-6 overall season 500 which the now Matt LaFleur has 16-0 in his run for the month of December in Green Bay Packers’ history. Most of the team themselves had interview from live reporters and talked about how great the game was for the overall performance. At the end, Matt LaFleur talked to his team in the locker room that they successfully beat a team that is really tough to beat which it was an incredible moment while they worked hard everyday to get better and improve themselves. Also a happy moment clip from Jordan Love to shoutout all of his fans from this tremendous event.

  • Now that the holiday season is amongst us we are going to dive deep into the creation of the polar express and investigate all through the NY region who is hosting one, and where can go to experience all these like minded events.

    Our team of investigators @ autisticana begin by researching the history of this fabulous holiday theme event. This is where we start :

    The journey of “The Polar Express” began as a beloved children’s book, penned by renowned American author Chris Van Allsburg in 1985. The compelling premise, spellbinding illustrations, and heartwarming themes of faith and Christmas spirit helped the book to secure a Caldecott Medal for its remarkable illustrations the following year and steadily gained a devoted readership worldwide.

    “The Polar Express” tells the story of a young boy who, harboring doubts about Santa Claus’s existence, awakens on Christmas Eve to find a mysterious train—the Polar Express—waiting to whisk him off to the North Pole. Along with other children, the boy embarks on a magical journey, filled with hot chocolate, fantastical landscapes, and a personal encounter with Santa himself.

    A testament to its immense popularity, “The Polar Express” was adapted into a feature film in 2004. Famous American filmmaker Robert Zemeckis directed the animated film with Tom Hanks in multiple roles, including the train conductor, the boy’s father, and Santa Claus. The film utilized motion-capture animation technology, a novelty at the time, which caused a stir due to its somewhat unusual and realistic human animations. Despite its mixed critical reception, the film was successful at the box office and has since become a staple Christmas film for many families. Notably, the film received a nomination for Best Original Song at the 77th Academy Awards for the song “Believe” performed by Josh Groban.

    In addition to the film adaptation, “The Polar Express” has become a central theme in various holiday events across the United States. A popular event is the Polar Express Train Ride, where children and adults board specially decorated trains, journey to “the North Pole,” and experience highlights from the story such as hot chocolate service, a reading of the story over the speaker system, and a visit from Santa Claus. This event is typically held annually during the holiday season in multiple locations nationwide.

    Moreover, “The Polar Express” has also been adapted into a video game, released in tandem with the feature film in 2004. The game allows players to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of “The Polar Express,” providing another avenue for fans to connect with the story.

    Through the decades, “The Polar Express” has proven to be a timeless, magical tale that captures the Christmas spirit. From book to film, from events to video games, “The Polar Express” continues to inspire, entertaining generations with its endearing story and bringing joy to festive celebrations worldwide. The journey of “The Polar Express” so far clearly defines how a beautifully crafted narrative can translate across different media formats and continue to captivate audiences.

    Happy Holiday season from our News Making Team @ Autisticana !

  • “Life is too short, eat dessert first. The first thing we do is add apple, next we then we add the sunflower butter

    Yes, that’s true! Apples are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them a healthy option for dessert. Baking apples brings out their natural sweetness, making them a great alternative to sugary desserts. Additionally, baked apples are a great option for those who are looking for a low-calorie dessert. They are also very versatile and can be made with different spices and toppings, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins, and nuts.

    Overall, baked apples are a delicious and healthy way to enjoy a sweet treat. Whether you’re looking for a quick dessert to make at home or a dish to impress your guests, baked apples are a great choice.

    It is great to see your passion for cooking and love for trying different recipes from different countries. Baked apples, or pecheni yabalki, are a classic dessert that have been enjoyed for centuries, with the first recorded recipe for baked apples believed to date back to the 1685 edition of the London cookbook “The Accomplisht Cook”. Over time, the recipe has evolved and been adapted in different countries and regions, including Bulgaria, where the addition of walnuts makes the recipe a little more unique. With various ingredients such as brown sugar, cinnamon, honey, and raisins, the recipe can vary, but the one common ingredient is the walnuts. It is wonderful that you got to try the traditional Bulgarian version of baked apples and enjoyed serving it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


    • 6 medium apples
    • 1 cup brown sugar
    • 1 tsp cinnamon
    • 1 cup walnuts, chopped
    • 1/2 cup unsalted butter
    • 1 tsp vanilla extract
    • 2 cups water


    1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C).
    2. Wash and dry the apples. Cut off the tops and use a spoon or apple core to remove the core and seeds.
    3. In a bowl, mix together the brown sugar, cinnamon, and chopped walnuts.
    4. Fill the cavities of each apple with the sugar-walnut mixture.
    5. Place the apples in a baking dish and dot them with small pieces of butter.
    6. Pour the water into the bottom of the baking dish and add the vanilla extract.
    7. Bake the apples for 45-60 minutes, or until they are soft and the filling is bubbly.
    8. Serve the baked apples warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of the sauce from the bottom of the baking dish. Enjoy!

    These points are all interesting and showcase the significance of apples in history, culture, and society. The apple has a long and rich history, and its evolution from a bitter fruit to the sweet and diverse fruit we know today is a result of selective breeding and cultivation by different civilizations. The association of apples with fairyland and the tradition of apple bobbing at Halloween are examples of the cultural significance of apples. The Victorian era saw a major increase in the number of apple varieties being grown and a lot of work was put into studying apples and testing their suitability for cultivation. The importance of apples can be seen in the formation of organizations such as the British Pomological Association, and in works like Robert Hogg’s British Pomology. Your food historian friend Joanna’s research on the social and cultural history of the apple and the orchard is a valuable contribution to the understanding of this important fruit.

  • Stay tuned for our new book

    App-solutely the finest

    Small Bites, Big Taste

    by Christine and Scott

    Appetizers appear simultaneously in England and America in the 1860s, mainly to provide a global counterpart for the French ” hors d’ oeuvre.” Also called finger foods, these little bites have popped up in one form or another in practically every civilization since ancient times. One may say it was an instinctual evolutionary throwback to our hunting and gathering days of fruits and nuts.

    As the founder of Autisticana, I asked one of my newsmakers what the difference was between the two.

    Lisette replied,”” appetizers are usually served in restaurants or before you usually have a big meal.

    She then said, ” Hors d’ oeuvre is typically served at parties as one-bite meals.

    As investigators, we then researched the difference and this is what we found.

    Appetizers and hors d’oeuvres are similar in that they are both small bites of food that are served before a meal. However, there are some key differences between the two.

    One key difference is the time at which they are served. Hors d’oeuvres are typically served before the meal even begins, while appetizers tend to indicate the beginning of the meal. Another difference is that hors d’oeuvres are not considered to be part of the meal, whereas appetizers are usually chosen specifically to complement the following courses.

    In summary, Hors d’oeuvres and Appetizers are similar in that they are both small bites of food, but Hors d’oeuvres are typically served before the meal even begins, whereas Appetizers are usually chosen specifically to complement the following courses and are considered as a part of the meal.

    The literal meaning between the two is really about serving time. Hors d’ oeuvres are typically served before the meal even begins, while appetizers tend to indicate the beginning of the meal.

    Hors d’ oeuvre isn’t considered to be part of the meal, but appetizers are usually chosen specifically to compliment the following courses

    We asked the team if they prefer to eat a whole meal, or do they enjoy eating appetizers instead.

    They said they rather eat appetizers and dessert and call it a night!

  • It was on the 5th of December, 2022 which we stopped by at Toast in Port Jefferson which they also have another location in Patchogue. The whole group went out for some brunch and had a wonderful time with delicious food and had some interesting conversations. I had Cinnamon bun pancakes which it was really delicious out of this world. There has to be stories about Scrooge and his life and time in the Victorian Era in the United Kingdom. Knowing old times of England is really good to know about their history and their past generations.

    We got to the Charles Dickens Festival Port Jefferson, New York. Next we stopped by to see some interesting events and people being all dressed up for “A Christmas Carol” which it was Charles Dickens famous plays in the local theatre for the performing arts. The show also popular in books, tv shows, movies, live plays, and other media sites. There was a campfire where everyone gathered and roast up their marshmallow with the whole crowd. I also saw a couple of people dressed up as Ebenezer Scrooge and saw other people being all dressed as people of London during the Industrial Revolution. Going back to the 1800s was interesting to see what was life back then. I took a picture with Ebenezer Scrooge with the cast of the “A Christmas Carol” and saw so much more live events. I saw a group of singing carol’s and then saw a horse on a wagon carried passengers around the Town Centre. At the end we saw the fire truck and get to see Santa Claus.

  • There’s so much things to do during the fall and winter months. People can go skiing snow tubing and community events, hiking. The town also often host local beer festivals and cultural activities in the area. The weather is cooler during most of the summer and it has the best scenery of the amazing different colors of leaves during the autumn. Lack of carbinonaxie which is good for the people to breathe in with the fresh air. It is also one of the most iconic places in Upstate New York with so much sceneries.

    Housings and ski resorts for the holiday tourism. People should consider moving to Upstate New York because there’s less population than Southern New York which they need to move up in the north. They also have a solar farm. They have colorful housings and stores in their local downtown area on Route 23A Main Street in Tannersville. There’s also art museums, historic places, antique shops and other local attractions. Upstate New York also has a lot of real life Cafes and Thrift Stores for local business.

    During the Winter Months, most of the time it always snow and has plenty for people to do skiing, snow tubing and so much adventurous activities during the day. People can sit by the fire and have marshmallows with hot chocolate to keep you warm. There’s also great shopping and dining options especially when people wanna enjoy their getaway trip to the resorts or Winter Lodging for fun activities. Others can do non winter activities like snowshoe trails through the woods, or shopping downtown and enjoying a craft beer tasting. There is plenty of activities like historic sites and other events which is the reason why the Catskills are the ideal destination! 

    The reason people should move to the Hudson Valley/Catskills because they can have the luxury life or find something that fits your budget but wanted to find somewhere with nature. Most of the houses would have more freedom of the walk around the property and often see wild animals once in a while or see the shooting stars on a clear night.

    The place is a the sense of wonders during the summer months like going out to so many fun places to go out for a trip to remember. Theres plenty of lakes and waterfalls for tourists to spend parts of the day like swimming in swim holes, paddle boating, Canoeing, Kayaking, fishing, and exploring animals in the nature preserve. The Catskills has local eatery and brewery for adults who love to socialize and have a good time. Hit the highlights or go through the horizon and see where the road takes you to find a great spot like, biplane adventures, the waterpark, mountain activities, or eatery cafes and restraints for the whole family. They can also stop by at local music festivals if they wanna have a good time especially theres the shops of Woodstock were they can check out and relive the memory of the Hippie Era. Also there’s a couple of petting zoo for kids and people who adores with animals and loves learning about history at some of the local museums and art museums.

    The scenery is beautiful during the autumn because of the Fall Foliage and theres much adventurous activities. The weather is also breezy and crisp during the autumn months. There’s also lots of fall festivals, horse back riding trails, hiking trails, farmers markets and trips to the farm.

    Numbers and Links about Life of the Catskills

  • The Long Island Field Hockey 4 All Team went for a weekend trip to Orlando for ESPN+ Hockey. This is the first time that Special Olympic Games are hosted for the Florida Event. It was at the ESPN World of Sports Complex which it’s a Sports Park for Special Events. Most Tournaments are focused on Nationwide Teams for different Sports for Youth Teams. Over 200 Teams around the Country and thousands of people participated to play as athletes. Even the parents and fans decided to show up to the Sunshine Show Case Tournament of 2022.

    There’s so many sports fields in the park which is the ESPN World Sports of Complex and it has like 31 sports fields. Like Soccer Fields, Baseball Fields and so much more.

    The main Tournament was Long Island Field Hockey we got in before 9AM we wore special uniforms and we huddle as a team and were the first Long Island Field Hockey Team to join the Special Olympics Field Hockey Team joined the tournament and 1st annual Olympics tournament. It was also the first time that the special Olympics Field Hockey Team that was hosted because we wanted to show the world that Field Hockey is not just girls Field Hockey but it’s also for people with Development Disabilities.

    The Long Island Field Hockey went to the tournament but we end up two teams for ourselves. It was The All Stars in White and the Long Island Field Hockey in Gray. The Girls Team came to help us out and play like we’re having fun. One day the Sport would become a popular sport for the team when it reaches 2028 for the Summer Olympics and the Paralympics.

    We get to also be famous from ESPN which the players ourselves get to be interviewed by USA Field Hockey and Long Island Field Hockey

    During the bracket of the tournament was The Long Island Field Hockey Team but since the other teams never showed up we decided to make up two teams on our own. The Long Island Field Hockey Girls Team happily came to help and they volunteer with us. It was the Gray Team and White Team. Half of the group went to the Gray Team and the other half went to the White Team. The Long Island Field Hockey Team was the Gray Team and the All Stars were the White Team. All of them each got a volunteer to partner up to help our teams to achieve what they can achieve something. Originally I thought that we would have 200 Teams around the nation with disabilities but it was only 200 teams for the Girls Field Hockey Team, so we created 2 Teams and the team in Gray is the Long Island Field Hockey Team which is me, Michelle, Rebecca and Paul. The White Team is the All Stars which the team has Anthony, Elouise, Gia and Adriana

    During the Match, there’s 10 Minutes in 2 half’s of the match. During the first half of the match, I was already got a head start but it was just short not too far from the goal. Then my teammate Michelle scored the first goal and took the lead 1-0. Not for long, Elouise got the first goal for the All Stars which it tied at 1-1. Then the teams did a lot of defensive moves time to time. Paul on the LI Field Hockey did a lot of help with the defence to not let the All Stars take the lead. During the 5 minute warning, I ran into the other side and waited for the goal and Michelle passed the ball to me and I scored the goal to help LI Field Hockey 2-1. Then the All Stars went to take immediate action and scored then second goal to tie it up 2-2. Before Halftime I ran the ball and I was going to score again but they goalie blocked my shot and the defense took the ball from me so I went back to center field and passed it to Rebecca and give it to Michelle and she got herself the 2nd goal which give LIFH to get back the lead 3-2 and it was halftime. Everyone had a water break and then each team huddle up to work on teamwork and continue to have fun while making history.

    During the 2nd half of the match, the Long Island field hockey was leading the All Starz 3-2. It was neck to neck for the first few minutes until Michelle got the goal to take the early lead with my quick thinking pass before I got out of bounds and helped the LI Field Hockey Team continued to take the lead 4-2. Then I scored before I put myself in an offside position which I got lucky to allow myself to get that goal when the ball rolled to me and scored. In the meantime, Paul and i did a phenomenal job with the defense and not let the All Stars scored like 5 times. The Defense on the LI Field Hockey was outstanding during the tournament so hopefully we can get ourselves promoted for the 2028 Paralympics. Before the match was done, the LI Field Hockey Team scored 2 more goals which it was credited by the whole team with outstanding creativity of teamwork. Once the Tournament was about to draw to a close, Elouise helped the All Stars got one more goal even though they tried their best to get the goals from the great defense. She got the buzzer beater goal and happily got the All Stars 7-3 but the Long Island Field Hockey won the Tournament which it was a fun tournament. We won 7-3 against the All Starz which it was a fun game to remember while making History for the Special Olympics.

    The winner of the tournament was The Long Island Field Hockey Team but it was about a fun tournament which hopefully one day more teams around the USA to increase Special Olympics Field Hockey. I like to remember the score just i can focus on track with the results especially in every Special Olympics Tournament.

    Afterwards we took a group picture with girls team who helped us and the team itself. Then I was interviewed by 2 people like Sally from USA Field Hockey and Valeri from Long Island Field Hockey. I talked about that I wanted to explain about Field Hockey which its popular from Europe, Australia and India but Wanted to expand the sport to the United States. It would be interesting if the Special Olympics was a reality besides the Girls Field Hockey. One day this sport will be huge for the 2028 Summer Olympics and the Paralympics. I can grow as a player for myself especially my teammates.

    The Long Island Field Hockey Group Picture

    The All Stars at the Globe

    Websites for the Special Olympics

  • It was a place where everyone can play golf, eat, and drink, but most importantly, it’s all about having fun and having a great time. This place has been open on Long Island since Summer 2021, even though the company was growing business in the last 20 years. The company was first established all the way in Watford, England back in 2000. It was owned by twin brothers Steve and Dave Jolliffe who came up with the idea after taking over an abandoned shopping plaza.

    I’ve been to TopGolf a couple of times. One of my friends from bowling recommended me going to this place because it’s awesome and has colorful lighting. The place has golf lessons, league night, tournaments, concerts, and social events like community events and parties. The food and drinks are outstandingly delicious and you can customize your game. How do you want play the game — with friends and family? You can have a regular game or a customized game to make it more challenging. There’s also a heater in the winter. It could have a stronger A/C in the summer months. Everyone gets to have their own bay so you can play with your own spot. People can also watch sports and other stuff on TV while enjoying the time playing golf and binging food. I was with Christine, Eric, Jackson, Kevin and our new friend Steven. We played golf, had some moments to get some laughs, and cheered for our friends. Then we got a huge order for all of us to binge on. We played for at least 2 hours which was a perfect amount of time for eating and golfing. People could drink and eat while having a blast. There’s also a gift shop near the bar/restaurant and the main desk. There’s an iPad for people if they want to request the type of game they want to play. If I ever plan on going back there again, I wanna spend the whole night and live the night away. Hopefully the world will expand more of this amazing company to entertain a lot of people.

    The Long Island location is in Holtsville on the Westbound Express Drive N of the Long Island Expressway. Going East get off on exit 62 by getting on Express Drive S, then turn right in Nicolls Rd Northbound and make another right to get on the westbound Service road. If you live on Eastern parts of Long Island, take exit 62 to go get on the Service road. It’s only an hour away from NYC which would also be great place to go year-round. The more people who go there, the more it’s going to help them grow their business. Like advertisements on the billboards and commercials on the radio to help them grow the company.


    Edited by Elliot Gavin Keenan

  • By Scott Weisbrot

    Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is something some people have. When the weather gets colder, people become less active and feel more unmotivated. People with ADHD are 3 times more likely to have SAD. I predict that this might be because of the change to cold weather. People with ADHD are more likely to be creative and feel elevated during the warmer weather. They may even feel pure happiness. SAD may be associated with oversleeping, fatigue, food cravings, and weight gain. It may also be linked to higher rates of loneliness, lack of interest in daily and social activities, and suicidal thoughts. This depression in the winter months is probably linked to the fact that it is too cold, and there is not much activity. Seasonal affective disorder can also be related to a lack of vitamin D, overproduction of melatonin, altered circadian rhythm, and reduced eating.

    In the United Kingdom and Ireland

    The facts about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is that the United Kingdom and Ireland has more people that are affected from this because of the gloomy days with less days of sunshine and more clouds and rain. SAD is also more common in areas around the globe that are far from the equator including Nordic Countries, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and even the Netherlands. Areas near the Arctic have more people with seasonal affective disorder because daylight gets short really fast and everyone is going to deal with no daylight during the winter months. Women are more likely to have SAD than men and people from the age range of 18 to 30 years are most likely to have Seasonal Affective Disorder.

    There’s always help for people if they have anxiety and depression like call a hotline to talk to a professional to understand your feelings and cope with your emotions. Doing therapy is also good for people on the autism spectrum disorder or work on a hobby that you enjoy. Doing sensory activities can be great for autism people to help them stay calm and focus on their maintaining strategies. You can spend some quality time with friends and family to keep yourself in a positive mood.

    seasonal affective disorder
    NIMH » Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): More Than the Winter Blues
    3 Charts | Seasonal Affective Disorder: What Are The Symptoms?
    5 Tips to Manage SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) - HorizonView Health
    Writing and Seasonal Affective Disorder — The Writer's Scrap Bin
    Mood Disorders. - ppt download

    The Websites with Helpful Tips for Seasonal Affective Disorder


    1. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/seasonal-affective-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20364651
    2. https://www.ahealthiermichigan.org/2019/06/07/the-connection-between-seasonal-affective-disorder-and-adhd/

    Edited by Elliot Gavin Keenan

  • This is the first time that New York won a MLS Cup Finals, which something that I never thought would happen. Even though I’m a New York Red Bulls Fan, I couldn’t be even more proud of them for making it this far. When I first heard that NYCFC won the Eastern Conference against the Philadelphia Union and made it to the MLS Cup, I just said to myself “You know what, I should watch the MLS Cup just because there’s a New York Soccer Team that made it for the 1st time in MLS History,” plus the team was established in 2013 but joined the league in 2015.

    It all started when NYCFC played in the MLS Cup Final at Portland, Oregon on the 11th of December, 2021. It was a gloomy rainy afternoon which I thought it was cloudy like in England but I only said it because of the cloud texture when it’s all mostly white. During the match it was a good start but it was competitive. NYCFC was the better side during the 1st Half. During the 40th Minute, it was free kick for NYCFC while Maxi Moralez kicked the ball to Valentín Castellanos and got the goal to end the deadlock scoreless match. The away supporters were really happy and the excitement of the atmosphere. Even the fans from the Hammerstein Ballroom in the Manhattan Center in New York City. During halftime NYCFC is leading 1-0 and hoping to take their MLS Cup Trophy. The Blues were starting to tire themselves out during the last 20 minutes of regulation time. The team had some moments but could not score a 2nd goal. When Diego Valeri subbed in, the Portland Timbers finally gotten better and the rest of the team build up their efforts, but the team created some chances. By the time when the last second of stoppage time at the 94th minute, my hopes were about to become real — but the Portland Timbers got a last second goal, which made the whole crowd insanely hyped up and amped up like out of control. Felipe Mora scored the goal to tie it up to extra time which I was at shocked because it wasn’t supposed to happen. The Referee didn’t do anything about most of the fouls and what’s even worse, Valentín Castellanos complained to the referee about the foul before the last second goal which means he didn’t bother his request. If I was the referee for soccer, I would blow the whistle anytime if there’s illegal contact or pushing the players which I would give one of the players a card if something gets worse. The point is that NYCFC didn’t get their fair share to win the MLS Cup at the moment and they have no choice but to end regulation time and go to extra time.

    During extra time, it was still 1-1 and NYCFC was devastated because they couldn’t end the match 1-0 in regulation time. The team finally woke up after the meaning of this unacceptable goal which could’ve been disallowed but the referee refused to take action. New York kept their team together and played harder in order to survive sudden death which Both teams thought their hardest but sadly no goals. The fouls were hardly found which it was unrealistic performance for any danger contacts but no stoppage time for both halves so we end up went to Penalty Shootout.

    During Penalty Shootouts, both Goalies got prepared to save plays to get a win which isn’t easy. New York took the first spot kick the Penalty shot first. When Castellano scores it went in, Portland turns Mora scores but failed to get the goal which Johnson the Goalie got a phenomenal save to keep them alive. When Morales shoot the ball to the goalie it was close but just short for the goalie to save it. When Valeri, the greatest player of Portland went up, it was too close to get in but Johnson caught the ball and now we could possibly get that winning feeling halfway through. When Maxi Moralez decided to go for goal, the smallest player stand tall and the goal was in so New York had a good chance to win the army against the Portland Timbers. Then Moreno shoot the but which it went in to trick the goalie to go to the opposite side for them to take advantage to catch up. When Talles Magno, the club’s most expensive player had a bright future to help the team get power and skyrocketing to get the goalie which is the most confident player to win the Finals. The Portland Timbers has one more chance for themselves or else NYCFC wins the MLS Cup but not when Paredes shoot the ball and it went in. Johnson was annoyed that the ball wasn’t close enough to save it for the team to win. Fans and teammates are in a train wreck to think that now the Timbers are getting closer. If New York don’t get the winning goal, the whole penalty kick would be a nail biting moment for everyone around the match. The superhero for New York City FC is Alexander Callens, which he’ll probably be the one to make NYCFC get there dreams a reality. When Callens kicked the ball into the net, it was a little above the goalie and New York City FC are officially 2021 MLS Cup Champions.

    Today we witnessed history in New York Sports History and this is the 1st time that a New York Soccer Team gets to win the MLS Cup. It was a breakthrough moment from the Lads from the Bronx which captured the reality of being Champions. Fans around the world were excited and thrilled to see New York City in blue with an opportunity to become the best team of season and giving everyone love and joy. New York City FC are officially MLS Cup Champions of 2021 for the first time in MLS Cup History and their first Win in the MLS Cup. It was wild and the crowds are loving it, to witness the great feeling of New York lifting the trophy. Some of the Manchester City Fans are eager to the sponsor team that represent their blue to open History. The Blue of Manchester City matches the logo of New York City FC. Everyone on team will cherish this moment and enjoy their happiness of lifting the trophy.

    New York is officially Blue for Soccer and the fans at the Hammerstein Ballroom in the Manhattan Center in New York City went wild after that last successful penalty kick for NYCFC. Alexander Callens got the winning goal for PK and make New York City the greatest Soccer Team in the League. NYCFC joins parent club Manchester City in the Abu Dhabi-funded group in winning a title. The group now partially or completely owns NYCFC and Manchester City, as well as teams in Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, China, France, India, Japan, Spain and Uruguay with a full partnership around the Globe.

    New York City FC worked so hard to pass through all of the playoffs even though the team finished in 4th Place in the Eastern Conference. The first round they played against Atlanta United and the team won 2-0. Next the team played against the 2021 Supporters Shield Champions New England Revolutions in the Conference Semifinals and they draw 2-2 but New York won 5-3 in PK mode. When New York played against Philadelphia Union in the Eastern Conference Finals which New York City FC won 2-1 and become Eastern Conference Champions. That was the moment when I realized it was time to support NYCFC because I always wanted a Soccer Team in New York to make to the MLS Cup Final. That’s how I got the idea to write a blog about the MLS Cup Champions of 2021.

    On Tuesday December 14, 2021 New York City had a Ceremony to celebrate at Town Hall with everyone to celebrate the First New York Pro Sports Team since the New York Giants when they won the Super Bowl in 2012. Since NYCFC couldn’t have a ticket parade instead they decided to have a ceremony at Town Hall with limited amount of fans. Lots of Fans wanted to cheer for NYCFC to give them all of the credit for their hard work. People in the City were really happy to see the show and news reporters were here to witness the story about history.

    The websites for New York City FC

    Since New York City FC couldn’t have their specific Stadium which they ended use Yankees Stadium in the Bronx and recently the team played in Citi Field in some matches which is home of the New York Mets. Hopefully one day they’ll get their own stadium near Citi Field since the Bronx refused to give them a proper stadium. I would love to see New York grow the interest of Soccer and root for either the New York Red Bulls or NYCFC.

    Edited by Elliot Gavin Keenan