Nicole’s Creative Visualization


Since next week is St. Patrick’s day, and my whole family is irish, I Would like to celebrate this day by creating a meditation around it.

written by Nicole Magee

Sit in a comfortable quiet place. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out as feel your body begin

to unwind as we begin our journey to the St. Patrick’s day parade. You feel the sensation of joy as you know this is going to be a fun day for you and your family. As you enter the parade, you take a deep breath in and out as you feel the heat of the sunshine on your body.

You take another deep breath in and out to clear your mind as you look at all the smiling faces and the crowd cheering. You watch the floats decorated with green four-leaf clovers and green ribbons that fly over your head.

You feel so grateful to be able to spend a beautiful celebratory day with your friends and family.

You take another deep breath in and out as you begin to smell the wonderful scent of the Irish soda bread just out of the oven. The crowd begins to partake in eating this fruity and warm delicious bread.

( A great memory of my grandma’s Irish baking.)

You take another deep breath in and out as you begin to go home to your families

celebratory dinner of corn beef, cabbage, and mashed potatoes.

The taste of the corn beef and cabbage is sweet and tangy, a delicious sensation to my palate.

You breathe in and out as you are so grateful to be with your family and friends eating this delicious meal. You then help clean up as you enter the kitchen where you hear everyone laughing as you begin to partake in baking green iced cupcakes. You take another deep breath in and out as the wonderful smell of sugar and honey is so soothing to your soul.

Photo by Tim Douglas on

We all as a family gather together to give thanks for this wonderful celebration on St.Patrick’s day, for I know I can come back to this celebration next year with everyone but also can come back to it in my mind, to relax and celebrate the sensation of my family life and happiness.

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