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Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken soup has always been the known legend for curing and healing everything from physical ailments to the soul’s health.

Dr. Christine and our newsmaker team mascot went to a farm in California for a few months to help us write our first series of five books using her dogs and Molly the mascot as the main characters of the series that are going to be published in a month world wide. We worked diligently with Christine on Zoom as we developed the stories with the dogs on our side.

Unfortunately during the time of our intense work while they were on the farm trying to create, Molly our beloved mascot and all the dogs got very sick from the pesticides and sulfuric acid tanks on the strawberry farm. Unfortunately our beloved Molly developed lung cancer and Christine and all of us are beyond devastated.

As us as newsmakers, a team created by Christine, she taught us how to look at everything as a news story and to investigate thoroughly before publishing. We have done our job and found out that sulfuric acid can cause larynx and lung cancer within a month because dogs immune systems are seven times quicker than humans. All the dogs have been sick but Molly’s lungs are failing quickly. How in the worst times of distress and heartache do you find joy in the pain? We decided to put all our love and intention into a healthy chicken soup recipe to assist a miracle we are all wishing for as a team. That miracle is Molly’s survival.

How do you find little moments of joy when you are feeling terrible grief in your life?

We decided to find our joy in making a healthy chicken soup recipe that will assist in the miracle we have set out to the universe to heal Molly. So here is our healthy miracle soup to heal Molly and those who are suffering from a devastating chronic illness.

  • One certified organic chicken
  • Two stocks of organic celery
  • Colorful organic carrots
  • Organic Dandelion greens
  • Half a teaspoon Reishi powder
  • Black seed oil (capsules)
  • Half a teaspoon Turkey tail powder
  • Half a teaspoon Essiac powder
  • Half a teaspoon Organic hemp seed oil
  • Half a teaspoon Cordyceps powder
  • Half a teaspoon Himalayan salt
  • Gallon of alkaline water

Make sure your Crock pot is thoroughly cleaned with organic soap. Then scrub it with Himalayan salt to bless your pot. Put the whole chicken in the pot and pour the gallon of alkaline water in the pot. Turn the Crock pot on low to slow simmer it for 24 hours to create organic bone broth. After 24 hours, cut up the carrots and the celery (chop wood and carry water)-as an investigator, you can research what that means. As you are chopping up your vegetables, say an affirmation to yourself (“the soup I make with love and healthy ingredients will be the healing soup for the soul”). Throw in the organic dandelions (these are great diuretics and hold a lot of anti-inflammatory properties). Put on high for another 2 hours. Let the soup cool for an hour then when you prepare for somebody sick or with cancer, mix in essiac powder, reishi powder, and cordyceps powder. Open up two capsules of black seed oil and put in. Add the organic hemp seed oil and Turkey tail powder. Mix it all together. If you’re making it for a loved on make sure to say a prayer before serving. Eat your soup with belief and hope.

As a team we are praying for Molly and all the dogs healing. As investigators we will be making the farm and all the farms around the world accountable for chemical regulations so nobody ever gets sick again.


Make sure you are aware of your environmental surroundings when taking a vacation.


As we were on the yoga mat today, we held warrior one for 5 minutes on each side and breathed in and out deeply to keep our mind and body steady. Warrior one teaches us to be strong in the worst tiumes of life and how to be steady and still and not to react for each action has a reaction and vise versa. “As a team we all pray that Molly, Christine, and the other dogs heal.”


As a positive psychologist the hardest thing to teach and to learn, even for myself, is how to find moments of joy and hope in the worst times of grief in your life. I have spent over 20 years teaching how to do that. I am now in this moment become a student again. I also am known for teaching accountability and resiliency. “I am a student again”. I also pride myself on standing tall in the worst of times. “I am a student again”. I also teach my newsmakers of all abilities how to stand together as a collective group of inspiration and hope. “I will remain that teacher”. Our newsmakers and Mabel & Moon’s production company will be publishing their first 5 books to empower the rest of the world, in honor of Molly and the rest of the dogs in a month. I am beyond proud to call myself their coach, mentor, and most importantly, friend. After this project is completed, our newsmakers will be going full force in investigating and making the farms accountable for what was done to my family and thousands of others out there. Please pray for Molly and all of us effected.

Trying to heal Molly from lung cancer with our healing soup.
Molly was Paul’s angel when Paul’s dog was sent to heaven. Now we are praying that Molly will make it.

These are pictures of our healing support dog Molly. Whether in the studio or accompanying us on our trips, Molly is always there for us.

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