Sammy The Sun Saves The Day

One day, everyone in Indoors Island was playing indoors, watching TV, or using technology. This was because all of the residents either felt very lazy, were very paranoid about getting sick or hurt, or did not care for being outdoors at all. However, Sammy the Sun noticed this and started to become very angry and bitter at the citizens of Indoors Land for wasting the beautiful day on activities that were keeping them stuck inside and their own internal paranoia and fear. Suddenly, Sammy put aside his anger and decided to spark happiness and motivation in the residents of Indoors Island.

Sammy used his amazing solar heat generated from being constantly happy to send an astral message to the residents of Indoors Island. “Hey everyone! Would you like to come out and play and be truly happy?” Sammy excitedly asked. All of a sudden, everyone in Indoors Land were very confused because being outside was not part of their way of life. They had never experienced any activity outdoors and whenever they heard of those activities they turned away in disgust and fear. However, they decided to trust someone as charismatic and joyful as Sammy the Sun.

All of a sudden, the doors of every single business, house, and building in Indoors Island opened up and all of the island’s residents came flooding out to spend time with Sammy the Sun. Sammy the Sun used his immense heat to create yoga mats for everyone and they spent hours doing poses and breathing which caused their paranoia and negative opinions on being outside to go away. The islanders were inspired to do activities such as swimming, bike riding, and hiking now that they had gained a new perspective on life and mental happiness. The islanders then compromised to spend time each day outdoors and indoors in order to be truly happy.

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