Trauma and PTSD

by Jackson Beach

During any person’s life, they usually experience impactful events that alter the trajectory of their life. These include making friends, going to sports games, and getting accepted into their dream school.

However, some of these events can negatively impact a person’s life. When this happens, people usually convey emotional responses known as trauma. Trauma can cause great emotional strain and damage to a person’s life and well being. Causes of trauma include injury or loss of a loved one, just like what has been happening to our coach and friend Dr. Christine , with the death of her dog Molly , which was caused by negligence, and no regulation of farmlands on Airbnb, which we have investigated a few other environmental negligent cases from this company as well. Yet there has not been any accountability on their part. We have called many times for an interview and they work hard to ignore us.

In the worst case scenario, this kind of trauma can result in a psychological condition known as post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

PTSD happens to people who have experienced a shocking or scary event.

Symptoms can include nightmares, survivor’s guilt, anger, and other forms of emotional distress.

Other examples of PTSD are soldiers who have suffered injury or loss of comrades in wars such as both World Wars and Vietnam. During World War I, PTSD or “shell shock” which was first encountered in soldiers who were trapped in trenches in horrible conditions and no nutrition and hearing horrible noises of war such as explosions.

PTSD has also happened to those who have killed innocent people during times of war and has caused them to realize that the US government and army is truly to blame for their troubles.

Other examples of PTSD include successful celebrities who have been in career ending car accidents, people who have been addicted to drugs and alchol and suffered from drug abuse and addiction, or people who have lost loved ones to COVID-19.

Soldiers with PTSD

Although our friend and coach Christine is dealing with trauma right now, I hope it does not develop into PTSD.

This is because she has good friends by her side that will help her publish books in Molly’s memory. She is also dealing with her trauma by working to make her other service dogs recover from being sick after toxic exposure.

Molly will have a legacy in our heart that will live on in all of us, and will be read in our books across the United States and the world.

We are working hard to make airbnb responsible for fatally poisoning our dog with chemicals, until they develop environmental regulations world wide.

Avoidance is not being Accountable!

Note To Self

Trauma is a defining part of a person’s life, as it helps them become better people by allowing them to help others who are dealing with emotional issues such as distress, nightmares about their mistakes as individuals, and anger.

Dr. Grimaldi’s Takeaway

I am so proud of Jackson and the person he has become. He is logical and sympathetic while simultaneously being a critical thinker. Molly was our team’s mascot and the loss of her has created a tremendous amount of trauma for me, the kids, and our Autisticana team. These kids have stood by my side for the past month teaching me what I taught them, “that we are stronger as a team than we are alone and when one person falls, we will lift them up. “

We will work together in Molly’s memory of making Airbnb and other parties accountable for the emotional distress they inflicted on all of us as a team.

When Jackson came to the office today, he and his mom gave me a beautiful gratitude bracelet . I immediately said to myself and to them, “How can you be grateful when you are in so much pain?”? How do you find gratitude in a time of your life when so much trauma has happened?” The gratitude comes from having people around you in the most traumatic time of your life.

We will now use this pain to open up new sources of creative writing on grateful memories and how memories can make you smile in the toughest of times. We will find a purpose in our Molly’s unnecessary death for something that could have been avoided with disclosures and awareness .

“Molly’s little miracles will be published soon“

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