Rachel and Sasha’s Healthy Eats: A Zero Waste Kitchen

We wanted to write a blog on how to save money post COVID. COVID has ruined the world financially and we want to teach people how to be more sustainable with your kitchen. As a blogger for the newsmakers, we all work together to keep everything organized because to declutter and keep everything organized keeps your mind crisp and clear. So last week we got together at the enrichment center to clear out the refrigerators and we realized how much money is being wasted and how much food is being disregarded. How can we turn that around? In a time of economical distress, we are trying to work together to become a team of healthier individuals while being sustainable at the same time.

What does sustainability mean?  Sustainability is about small changes we can make to help look after the planet. We decided to learn how to have “zero waste” in the kitchen. Being zero waste means trying to live a sustainable life. In the kitchen it means buying less food in the first place, reusing whatever you can, and throwing less away. It’s about asking yourself questions such as can you eat it or can you reuse it. Also its about recycling more and even composting. A few small changes can make a big difference.

While in the kitchen clearing out the refrigerators, we realized just how much food was going to waste. There were multiple of the same items such as milk and eggs. This is a lesson we all need to learn as a planet so we can start becoming socially and environmentally conscious. We are really beginning to look at this as a team after the unnecessary death of our beloved mascot Molly due to environmental negligence. Because of our trauma, we are working together as a team to work on our environmental habits. By changing our habits for the better, together we can make an impact.


Before you buy a new mayonnaise or anything new, make sure you don’t already have it in the fridge.


As we were relaxing doing the child’s pose on the Body Mantra’s Fit Kids mat, we realized the child’s pose is a pose of humility and it is a bowing down pose. We bow down to Molly’s unnecessary passing and move on with a purpose of teaching environmental sustainability and awareness.

Our mascot Molly

Dr. Grimaldi’s Take Away

I am so proud of my team, for together we will be writing five books on Molly’s unnecessary death due to negligence and we will teach kids world wide about environmental consciousness, using our beloved Molly as the main characters of the books.

The books will be written by the kids and using dear Molly Goose as the first person talking to the kids from the rainbow bridge in heaven.

It is important to be conscious and sustainable with our budgets. Most of these kids are on fixed incomes, so teaching a series of sustainable modalities is very important for so many reasons. Saving money, not letting food go wasted when there are so many impoverished families out there, and being environmentally conscious are the 3 primary factors. We will go more in-depth as the blogs continue.

I want to thank my team in this difficult time of grief and let them all be aware that we will dance through this storm and help out so many with our next projects.

” We miss you our Molly Goose forever, and we know in our hearts that you are directing us from the rainbow bridge”

Please sign the petition below, so no-one will ever have to go through this again..

Thank from our team at Autisticana.org


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