How My Tenacity Helped Me Find A Way to Watch Disney+ On My Computer

By Jackson Beach

Persistence is important especially when accomplishing world records.

Tenacity is one’s ability to stay determined on the way to completing a goal. Such examples are when people try to break world records, finish exams and projects on time, and also when trying to be the best they can be. These show that people won’t give up even when their goals seem impossible. However, tonight, I was at my most persistent.

Recently, I have thought of a plan to watch Disney+ over the computer with my friend Dr. Christine Grimaldi whenever I am not at her house. However, there is a black screen issue when we screen share that prevents us from seeing what is going on on the screen due to anti-piracy measures which is frustrating. I tried playing a movie and then screen sharing according to a Reddit blog, which did not work on both Opera and Firefox. I then tried to watch the same movie on which had very poor quality.

I was on the verge of giving up when I found another Reddit blog. It said to disable hardware acceleration on Google Chrome. I followed the instructions and then shared my screen on Disney Plus on Google Chrome. Much to my excitement and happiness, Disney+ was working. I decided not to watch the movie tonight because of the value of my greater victory, in no small part thanks to what I can accomplish with the power of tenacity and persistence when things seem hopeless and impossible.

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