How Sammy The Sun Shines His Rays to Get People Moving and Put Technology Down

By Jackson Beach

Sammy the Sun is one of the moral support centers for Mindfulness Island. He constantly shines his rays to energize the inhabitants and encourage them to put aside technology for physical activity. However, what really makes him a good friend to the other mat characters is his charisma and positive attitude. He finds the light to always make a good impact even in the worst times of darkness.

Sammy the Sun became this way because of a terrible tragedy in his life. When he was five years old, he lost his older brother Stan when he radiated too much energy and didn’t leave any reserves for himself. For more than a year, the sun didn’t shine and Sammy and his family became enshrouded by darkness. However, Sammy realized he had to work harder and maintain balance in order to bring the light back to himself and his family so the light could shine on Mindfulness Island once more.

To this day, Sammy uses his rays to help others out of the darkness when they are struggling while making sure he has enough energy for himself. Sammy constantly teaches others how to maintain balance in their lives through giving to both themselves and others. Sammy replenishes his energy every night by meditating and encourages others to do the same. This way, he will have enough energy to radiate his friends while maintaining enough reserves for himself.

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