Creativity or Stupidity?

New Potato House: Is that worth $100K or homeless cancer patients? You let the reader decide. New website opens today!

As a tribe of integral people at, the number one thing we learn is how to be critical thinkers. Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.

I must say Airbnb has made huge mistakes as a company, and I suggest that they go back to square one with Critical Thinking 101.

Not only are they trying to open a nonprofit to stuff their money, they have not come up with a plan for responsibility, accountability, and regulation guidelines.

As they continue to be sued each day with lawsuits, they are continuing to make a fraudulent 501c3 for refugees when they don’t care about their vacation traveler customers who help them make over $5 billion a year, let alone anyone else.

What is funnier and more pathetic is that they are starting this contest known as the “OMG! Fund” to make people think they are sowing creativity amongst their customers when it is really stupidity and incompetence and they are using it as their latest scam to cover up their lies.

How about Airbnb, for once in your lives, start critically thinking about other people, and use the $10 million in your OMG fund to help change yourselves for the better and install safety regulations to protect your patrons instead of making someone’s house look like a potato and try to act like you’re great creative innovators for a world that is being destroyed.

Airbnb does not have one bit of humanity and has a lot to learn in Conscious Leadership 101.

Insider says in their article “Airbnb is giving away $100,000 to 100 different people so they can build the eccentric home they’ve been dreaming of”. Instead of helping others,

AIrbnb is still playing PR fraud games to make themselves appear amazing in the public eye. So I ask the reader: Do they all need to go back to Critical Thinking 101 and learn how to do things like:

  1. Stop paying PR companies to cover up their crimes
  2. Start being accountable and return phone calls and make up negligence to people who have suffered because of their negligence
  3. Make regulatory systems instead of using PR to say you are trying to do great things (aka Wag The Dog)
  4. Do great work such as building hotels for cancer patients or their families when they have to go through clinical trials or aggressive life saving treatment, instead of having people pay you to make their house look like a UFO
  5. Build hotels for innocent animals that have abandoned on the street post-pandemic (which will be in our mascot Molly’s name) instead of making harmful properties with chemicals that harm animals.
Homeless Cancer Patient

We are interviewing families who have been negatively harmed by Airbnb and will continue to do so.

Stop using marketing to make yourselves appear wonderful when thousands of families have suffered through your negligence and harm.

It’s interesting to appear so amazing when you are really having them drink the Kool Aid and almost becoming a cult with your false marketing (That’s Jim Jones for you).

Stop trying to convince the youth of America ( Airbnb Thirty and Under club) when our youth suicide rate has increased exponentially due to false marketing like yourselves.

We need the youth of America to step up and become educated the right way, accountable, and full of integrity to get humanity and the world at large back on track.

So let the people decide: creativity or stupidity? Because we are that progressive youth at We do the right thing always.

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Dr. Christine Grimaldi & Jackson Beach

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