Ladies Night Out at Northport Village

We started ladies night by visiting Batata Cafe. This cafe is great, because they have gluten and dairy free options. We really enjoyed it. They’re food is very good. Their staff was very nice to all of us.

We then proceeded to walk over to the movie night that was showing at the village park. We saw Disney’s Encanto. We all sat down on the grass together with our Ladies Night mascot Millie.

We also did a little group yoga with the girls who participated in this ladies night out at Northport Village field trip.

After watching the movie we went to Ralph’s and all ordered a nice dessert of ice cream.

The village of Northport treated us very nicely and we enjoyed what the village had to offer. We like how the village was right on the water and had a park which we also visited. At the park we did yoga poses together. We really liked our night out. 

Some history of Northport is the following; the European settled in 1656 and became known for the Great Cow Harbor. Farming was very popular and the landed was very suited for it. In 1868 was very known for railroads and trolleys. Now, Northport is very involved heavily in commercial use. In 1967 opened the Northport Power Station (LILCO) which stands for Long Island Lighting Company. This power station is the largest oil fired electric generated station on the East Coast.

Batata Cafe

847 Fort Salonga Rd, Northport, NY 11768

(631) 754-4439

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