The Autisticana Base Camp

Dr. Christine Grimaldi

Our base camp !!!

I thought I would introduce our new basecamp to my crew.


I have picked fun and creative places, that all my special abilities, can come and write and create with me.

Why you ask?

Most creativity is inspired through nature and all it has to offer.

I bought a fully loaded van last year to take these kids on investigative expeditions, so they can

travel and have a safe space to write their blogs, curriculums, manuscripts and interviews in.

The van/ office has a kitchen, bathroom, so they have what they need to feel happy and get inspired to get their work accomplished. These young adults amaze me each and every day!

I am so proud to be their friend , coach and conscious leader.

They love the military, and putting them selves in adventures. A themed base camp as an office, where they can take breaks, walk on the beach, in the forest and train our autisticana service dogs, (that are in the process of being published) written by my team @autisticana.

Everyday Miracles, Remember Me, Meet Mabel and Moon, Healthy Town , The Adventures on the Magic Carpet Ride, Calm in the Clouds, and Cooking with the twins, Mabel n Moon.

We are also in process of writing two environmental conscious books, with Molly our beloved mascot, who was taken away suddenly, due to airbnb ‘s negligence of a zero regulatory system, as well as Adohr Farms, a farm in Camarillo, California who along with airbnb are responsible for the murder of Molly and the rest off us getting severely ill, with zero accountability thus far. As a neurodivergent team of conscious leaders we have become advocates of subjects that are meaningful to our experiences and the betterment of the communities that surround us.

We are still pushing through as a team, and making lemonade out of lemons.

I thought as a positive educator, I would make all the learning, fun for them, and build out our own theme park office and news room.

This will reward everyone involved to be motivated, inspired, create, write, illustrate, exercise , meditate, eat healthy, and empower each other. ” Team work, makes the Dream work ( I have a refrigerator full of healthy snacks, a juicer and smoothie maker ready to go !)

We are have now built out a mobile safe place office, where they can all be together as a like minded crew, and publish great works of art.( until of course, we get a bigger van gifted to really become the first neuro-divergent news team on the go in honor of my mentor , Barbara Walters.

Her memoir will be released soon, by ME!

From blogs to books for the world to see , if you put your mind to it, you can create a wonderful future that I will launch for you, to inspire yourself and just be.

Our Mission at The Stand tall Foundation is to help our youth have a brighter future.

How do we do this?

“Surround yourself with the Dreamers, and the Doers,

The Believers and the Thinkers,

but most of all,

Surround yourself, with those who see the Greatness within You “

We look forward to collaborating with all of you, as we ask all of you to participate and STANDTALL,

with all of us, to bring awareness to anyone , from all walks of life, that need a slice of inspiration and motivation.

With love in my heart, and pride for my A-team

Dr. Christine Grimaldi

#Standtall 501c3

” Make a difference, sponsor us, donate or participate for the greater good”

“If just one person shows compassion then just maybe that will have a chain reaction, that person is me”

So proud of all our accomplishments and many more to come!!

Autisticana will be the first neurodivergent news media company that is going to sweep the nation….

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