Rachel’s Reviews : My Thoughts on Speilberg’s new movie, The Fablemans

By Rachel Green

Today I went with my staff Victoria to Island 16 to see the movie ‘The Fablemans.’ I thought there were some funny moments. The main character Sam loved making films, and his mother was very supportive of his creativity. We saw the Fablemans growing up together. There was a lot of drama and the parents were getting a divorce. The mother would sleep all day, but she enjoyed playing the piano as her creative escape. Sam’s dad got new jobs which made the family have to move to new states. Sam and his sisters were upset with the changes, and he was getting bullied and beat up. They made fun of him because he was Jewish by calling him horrible names and hanging a bagel in his locker. There were many challenges, hardships, and stress in the Fableman household. Creativity, art, and love helped Sam and his mother through tough times.

I enjoyed seeing this movie and I would like to continue ‘Rachel’s Reviews.’ I would rate The Fablemans a 10/10. I would recommend to my friends and family.

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