“Experiences”,now opening at 13 Hands Equine Rescue

13 Hands Equine Rescue’s mission has always been to rescue unwanted, abused and abandoned horses and rehabilitate them in order to find them the perfect ‘forever home’.

We partner with some of our rescue horses to assist in our Equine Therapy program helping veterans and others who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression and many other issues.

With the increase of loneliness, depression and anxiety since the pandemic , we at 13 hands equine rescue are gathering together to make positive change in the community, our school systems and out patient clinics.

Mary Lou Torterello , founder of 13 hands has announced a statement that she is opening 13 hands private VIP ranch house to host educational and healing workshops to assist in the communities emotional well-being and overall health.

In the past, the house has been used for high end celebrities in need of seclusion to lodge around the beauty that surrounds the rescue. Nature and Animals have a way of healing that traditional forms of supportive care can not conquer.

MaryLou gave a heart felt statement saying ,” That everyone is a celebrity in my eye, and it is time to open up our home to the public so that all will benefit from wonderful experiences that we host.

The beautiful ranch home that sits on the rescues lower tier will now be used by our professionals and guest hosts to share they’re gifts to all.

Our educational programs will be catered to our youth, community members and tourists by offering a schedule of weekly classes, workshops, events and inclusive retreats.

Marylou continued to say , “ People always find us when they are in need of nature and equine to help them when they are going through some kind of life trauma .

The rise of these personal visits have become two-fold from the late effects of covid. So we have decided to take a pro- active approach to supporting everyone out there who may need a little, “Love and Rescue.”

We understand your emotional well-being contributes to your overall health. At the launch of our new classes, you will find excellent support and compassionate care with our experienced specialists that have been chosen by our board of trustees.

The goal of 13 hands equine rescue is to get you get back to feeling like you again, and even better than before.

Our Calender beginning with the kick-off of a community Thanksgiving will then lead into a host of workshops, lectures, and educational programs for learners of all ages. It will also be the center for events for our rescue and provide an indoor option in case of inclement weather.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events to get you through the holiday with the happiness and peace you deserve.

We look forward to meeting all our new friends and invite you to learn, love and laugh again with the help of our team and our beautiful rescue animals.

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