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  • When I was handing out flyers countywide, I was about to help a nice guy name Scott which his car broke down and then my car broke down because mine is out of juice and the original battery was no longer working. I thought my car broke down for a meltdown which it turns out that I had no more juice left for the battery. Then I called roadside assistance for help and they came to fix my car but mine has a different type of battery because mine is a hybrid which it wouldn’t work. Then I called Dr. Grimaldi to help me stay calm while being stuck at a parking lot after sunset because I would feel terrified if I was on the shoulder of the highway then been strained in a parking lot. I talked to her on the phone as long the long wait for assistance available. Luckily there was a very nice guy name Kevin but everybody calls him “Big Irish” which he was very helpful to see the problem. I turned off the car and then turned on to press the pedal but the won’t start. We talked afterwards while waiting for the tow truck. Then Brett came to the scene to wait for the tow truck so I can go to the garage. In the meantime, John the Security came to the scene because Kevin has another situation for the next hour and The tow truck didn’t arrived for nearly 2 hours but however I wanted to take my car closer to home because it would be impossible to go back to get the car from the nearby of the scene. I brought in fun and entertainment while waiting. The guys were very helpful and never left by my side until the tow truck arrived because they wanna make sure I’m safe while staying in the scene especially at night. By the time when it was nearly the hour before midnight, the tow truck finally arrived and I was grateful that came in and it was a night to remember.

    I was able to drop it off at my local garage to get my car fixed but it doesn’t have the battery for them hybrid so I called the insurance company to drop it off at the my dealership where I got my Prius. Hopefully the car lasts up to 150,000 to 200,000 miles. Within the next year or two.

  • When the beginning of the 2022 NFL Season arrived, the Buffalo Bills we’re looking forward to have a great season. Also it was Von Miller’s Debut with the Buffalo Bills which he used to play for the Denver Broncos and saved them to win the Super Bowl against the Carolina Panthers during Super Bowl 50. The Buffalo Bills we’re hoping to this season a magical moment and one day win the Super Bowl if they continue to approve their performance. They also had a lot of new players who got transferred from other NFL Teams and some of the younger players just finished playing for College and wanted to play for professional football. It could be the season to Remember. They haven’t made it to the Super Bowl since 1994 and haven’t win the Championship Game since 1965 which it was the American Football League before the league changed it to National Football League.

    The match started at SoFi Stadium home of the Los Angeles Rams which it’s a tough team to compete against. The Bills started of with the Touchdown from a throw by Josh Allen to Gabe Davis and the bills lead 7-0 then the Rams tied it up in to halftime 10-10. Afterwards the Bills took full charge of the 2nd half of the game. The Bills Mafia has came to do everything to get the job done. Josh Allen stiff the Rams Defense and it was The greatest icon on Social Media. Afterwards Isaiah MacKenzie got the Bills the touchdown and give them the lead 17-10. MacKenzie shout out to the camera to say “It’s a Boy” on the Gender Reveal for his sister’s baby for the TD celebration. Von Miller sacked Matthew Stafford the Quarterback from the Rams which it was a powerful defense to avoid the Rams to catch up. When the 4th Quarter began, Josh Allen took a sacrifice run to get the Touchdown which he made it to the line and it counts for the Touchdown. When Stafford thought that it would be the perfect time to catch up but, other plans was taken that he was supposed to throw it to Cooper Kupp and the ball was intercepted to the Bills and Jordan Poyer got it which took the Rams chance of catching up for the win. Josh Allen took the 60 yards throw to Stefon Diggs and he was able to catch the ball before stumbles it to the ground and the Bills got a Touchdown with less than 10 minutes left on the clock. Everyone was excited with the incredible catch from Allen to Diggs while having the best way to start off their season. Stefon Diggs did his dance style after his players huddle him up with the touchdown. Finally, the Bills Defense took over the show and intercepted the Rams chance and most of them sacked Stafford to give him the chance to catch up. The Buffalo Bills won 31-10. According to the NFL, the 21-point loss by the Rams was the second-largest margin of defeat ever for a defending Super Bowl champion, just one point fewer than the Baltimore Ravens’ 22-point loss against the Denver Broncos in 2013 in what was Peyton Manning’s first game with the Broncos. After when the Buffalo Bills celebrated their victory for the opening night of the 2022 season. Stefon Diggs did a Reel Instagram Video with his best friend Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs happily said “Bills Mafia What’s Good, Got the Win Baby” and Josh Allen said “Go Bills” which the both of them wanted to shout out Bills Mafia for all Buffalo Bills Fan.

  • It would be interesting to hear about his journey of helping people for those in need, as we are doing

    Meeting Marino Rivera as a former New York Yankees Pitcher would be a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet with him.

    It is great to resonate with people, especially role models that are doing

    great conscious leadership work.

    I am impressed that Mariano likes, to help people and bring education to those who are going through difficult times

    Like all of us at The News Makers, he is bringing positive changes.

    He grew up in a modest Panamanian Fishing Community in Puerto Caimito. He started off as being poor and had very little in life. He actually had more , in spirit and compassion then most.

    Which leads us to the question, what is success really all about?

    He was always a good kid , but had some issues dealing with the wrong people. However, Marino Rivera wanted to play baseball and started in Greensboro, North Carolina .

    He than moved to the minor league, before playing for the Yankees.

    Fun fact

    We just found out that Marino also owns Rivera Toyota in Mount Kisco, NY which it’s in Wechester . He also just recently opened up a Long Island location which is Marino Rivera Honda in Port Jefferson. This coincidentally is very close to our Fuel Holistic Enrichment Center.

    He cares about generosity which shows that he really is kind and compassionate to all for the greater good. He loves what he does and does what he loves , just like our mentor and coach Dr. Christine

    He also loves sports which is a great motivator for all of us.

    much needed confidence.

    As a big fan and participant in the para olympics and this collaboration helps us make friends and gives us a-lot of much needed confidence.

    He also works as a celebrity spokesman for several companies and we hope he will become a sponsor for autisticana and our news media team.

    There are no coincidences as Dr. Christine says , only god being anonymous.

    Dr.Christine and Mariano Rivera collaborated on work together at Morgan Stanley’s Children hospital , in helping support undeserved kids as well , kids with cancer.

    Marino Rivera also got a lot of awards from his dedicated work and a lot of medals too. as did our mentor Christine.

    Not only for sports, but for conscious leadership and serving their communities.

    He played for the New York Yankees from 1995 to 2013. He was the best relief pitcher of all time in Yankees History.

    He was also named the World Series MVP in 1999 and the ALCS MVP in 2003.

    He became the best closing pitcher in 1997 and the New York Yankees became even stronger when he took the mound.

    More so than all of this, Mariano is our conscious leader and will hopefully be our first interview for our broadcasting conscious leadership show, written and produced by all of us at our news media company.

    We are a team of neurodivergent young adults out to mentor and bring awareness to the masses, and what it takes to make a positive change in our communities.

    Knowing the fact that Mariano Rivera played for the New York Yankees,

    His foundation mission runs parallel to ours, helping people bring the community together and renovate buildings and schools so the kids can be safe and feel happy about their futures.

    We are very similar , Autisticana is a blog that is going to sweep the nation.

    We investigate good news and advocate for our futures and those of others in similar situations.

    I think it would be great to collaborate with Mariano Riveras foundation since our soundbites both say , “ We are here to make people’s futures a bit brighter. “

    I am so looking forward to interviewing Mariano and hearing his purpose driven work.


    Scott Weisbrot CEO

  • The Queen said England’s Euro 2022 triumph “will be an inspiration for girls and women today, and for future generations”.

    Women’s Euros: The Queen and goal king Kane hails England Lionesses as football ‘comes home’

    The Greatest takeaway from England was that if they work as a team and have the best squad in this group, they could possibly do great for future tournaments. The Lionesses had some tremendous experience in the Women’s European Tournament hosted in their home country and helped grow interest in Women’s Football. Since the Men’s League has been getting very popular around the globe, now fans have to the options to go to a women’s football match. There’s plenty of seating in the empty stadiums which would be perfect for a friendly soccer match for kids and women. Everyone gets along well and bring love to this sport. The Women’s Team wanted more young generations of fans to grow interest so they can get bring more fans and viewers watching it on television.

    England has been one of the best women’s team in the world and they had some interviews about what’s their goal for the future. The queen gets to take the royal throne to remember the day that women can rule football. One of these moments, Football is Coming Home for the pride of England.

  • Bluey makes a return to the US and overseas in the nearby future while Australia had them a while ago. While Australia had them on ABC earlier this year which now the US and UK is officially ready to release the first 25 episodes and they’ll be more when the time is right. The show has a lot of fun moments and important life lessons to know the viewers about the story of each episode. Bluey has been getting the attention for the grownups not just the kids watching the show but it really shows a lot of ideal storylines based on the episode and give everyone a good lesson. It would be great to have very helpful tips for grownups if they want to be able to raise kids or helping other kids so they can learn the lesson and impact the positives. The show has a lot of fun and games while letting your imagination run to play exciting games. A common thread across the series of Bluey had tons of pretend games and imaginative play which it would be perfect for the child to grow healthy brain development and give the adults to give a chance about positive, enjoyment and heartwarming moments. Bluey has expand fans around the world from people even the ones going through hard times but find something delightful to shine their day and while bring laughter, joy and upbeat. Every time the music goes in the storyline, the plot takes place or focus on the characters feelings or emotion which it’s perfect for the show to keep moving forward for future storylines.

    While our stories have like Bluey wants to add the perfect picture for Father’s Day, The kids wanted the grownups to play Whale Watching, Bluey wants to get her own bedroom across from Bingo, Bingo and Bluey plays Magic to give the command, Bandit learns about the world in Born Yesterday, Bingo learns how to make breakfast with Chilli in Omelette, Both the kids wanted to learn how to act the same in Mini Bluey, Jack Russel finds his way back to Australia at Calypsos in Explores, The Heeler Family gets a discussion in Family Meeting and Bluey & Bingo talks to Muffin on the iPad in Faceytalk and Bandit tells a story about his younger version of himself in Fairytales.

    What’s Going On Here

    Here are all of the links below if you love follow up what’s new with Bluey and the rest of the Heeler Family.

  • 2 Managers before made reactions about the winning goal while fans in the background planned to leave the stands before the match ended

    The time when I watch the English Premier League, I noticed fans leaving the stands during the match in general because some would get snacks at the concourse or toilet break. When the 80th minute has passed, I noticed fans started leaving the stands because of the match was getting boring or maybe they want to leave before the traffic kicks in or possible street fight in rivalry matches so stewards keep an eye out for trouble. Sometimes during the last minute of stoppage time, everyone started leaving because they think it’s going to end with the results but sometimes miracles can happen and everyone stopped what they’re doing when the team gets the last corner kick or the offense side gets one more try or penalty kick for good luck at the final minute.

    Inside the Concourse of the Soccer Team Stadium

    Some matches I enjoyed checking out sky view of England just to see traffic in the background, taxis all lined up for passengers leaving the match and people leaving the stadium or tourists walking around outside of the stadium. Fans do often bring in food in the stands if they want lunch, dinner or snack depending on the time of the match. Sometimes not every group of fans leave before the match ends because it could end up be a late comeback or the match can be enjoyable. Some matches, fans quit too easily because the match could be a high scoring result or an performance of embarrassment with the worst results. Overall good things could happen and try not to predict that the results is going to stay that way ahead of time because each half of the 2 parts of a full soccer match has 45 minutes included stoppage time.

    Sky view of the brand new Everton FC Location at Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium
    First batch of West Ham Fans left the stadium while the Away Supporters of Brentford FC cheered for the winning goal
    This was the highlight when West Ham Fans walked out as a group when Brentford got the winning goal
    Newcastle United Fans stormed out of the stands as soon Chelsea scored their 3rd and Final Goal.
    This was the highlight when Newcastle Fans stormed out after Chelsea scored a penalty kick.
    Harry Kane during Opening Day of the 2022/2023 Season
    Sky view of Fulham
  • England Women’s National Team in the 2022 Women’s Euro Tournament wanted to achieve a goal like winning a big silverware by having a trophy and take Football Home in England. England gets to also host the UEFA 2022 Euro’s Tournament with different stadiums and get to have the final at Wembley Stadium. The Lionesses wanted to get there fist major trophy to bring equality of viewerships for all fans not just women and kids but every England Fan around the World.

    During the Group Stages, England played their first UEFA Tournament and they won 1-0 against Austria at Old Trafford. The next round the played against Norway and got the biggest win 8-0 at Falmer Stadium. Georgia Stanway started off at penalties, then Lauren Hemp scored after the 1st goal, Ellen White scored twice, Beth mead got 3 goals with a hat-trick and Alessia Russo scored at 66th minute. Finally they played against North Ireland and they won 5-0. The Lions took 1st in the Group Stages and automatically made it to the Big Tournament.

    When the Lions made it to the Quarterfinals at Falmer Stadium, they played against Spain and the Lions won 2-1. England got two late goals like Ellen Toone at the 84th minute and Georgia Stanway at the 96th minute at Extra time. The Lionesses played at Bramall Stadium for the Semifinal against Sweden and they won 4-0. The Lionsess made it to the Finals for the first time since 2009 in the UFEA Women’s Euro with a defeat against Germany. England could get there hopes to get a Major Trophy for the 1st time since the men’s squad in 1966 which it was 56 years ago. This could be the 1st time that the Women’s Team to get themselves a major trophy for England if they get the win against Germany.

    On July 31, 2022 England played against Germany at Wembley Stadium which is home of the England National Team. Prince Williams had stared the presentation. Williamson the Captian of England knew that once the royalty could be made a wait. The tournament is sold out with 87,192 fans for the first time since the Men’s Team played in a Friendly Tournament. It started off with England being competitive but it was scoreless during the 1st Half. During the 2nd Half, Kiera Walsh give a long powerful kick and give to substitute player Ella Toone and scored for England at the 61st Minute. A small kick up in the air by getting the perfect landing in the goal which surprised everyone with a wild celebration. Ella Toone’s way of kicking the ball onto a 30 yard over Germany and lobbed the goalkeeper to give England the lead. However, Lina Magus from Germany scored to level it up by the 80 minute which ends up with a 1-1 draw taking them to Extra time. When England made it to extra time, it was a nail biting competition during the first 15 minutes of Extra Time. When the whistle blew, the team huddle up and Coach Sarina Wiegman who once coach for the Netherlands and won the 2017 UFEA Euro Champions told her England Team to play like a team and hopefully win a goal so they can have their very 1st Trophy for the Lionesses Team. Coach Wiegman can get her 2nd Trophy since she helped the Netherlands and hopefully do the same for England. When the 2nd of ET, Germany started off taking parts of the match during the first 5 minutes before England got the corner kick. When Lauren Hemp kicked the ball in the Corner Kick, it landed on Chloe Kelly which leapt onto a loose ball and poked it to outsmart the goalie and give England the lead. Chloe Kelly scored at the 109th minute and she peeled away twirling her jersey. Kelly did a icon memory like Brandi Chastain in 1999 when she played for the USA Women’s World Cup in the US. The fans were having a blast and celebrated the moment which it was definitely the key highlight of the match. All of the players chased around and had the greatest moment while happily finish this fairytale which it’ll turn into a reality of a happy ending. England had a intense 2-1 victory in Extra Time over against Germany in the UEFA Euros Final. This is officially the first time that the Lionesses to win as European Championships in the Women’s UEFA Tournament.

    The European Championship was England’s first ever win in an International Tournament the Moment of Triumph after Two Generation Pain is finally over. The Euro 2022 began with some stadiums big and small but finished it big at Wembley. The Record of TV audience was 17.4 Million tuned in to watch Women’s Football Final. Coach Sarina Wiegman has got herself a second EURO Finals Champion after helping out with the Netherlands in 2017. She really helped England become the best Women’s Team in the World. Before they lifted the Trophy, Beth Mead holds up the Player of the Tournament Trophy in front of Prince William’s the Duke of England and UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin. This shows that everyone is very proud of them with their courage, great leadership and Courtesy of Teamwork. That’s how the Lionesses deserved themselves to become European Champions. The Whole Team lifted the Trophy and England are Officially European Champions. The 56 Years of drought is officially over and Fans can bring joy again and sing along with Country as Champions. The players also did some group pictures and interviews with the Medias about their great journey to win the European Finals and get England their first Major International Championship Trophy since 1966. Everyone at Wembley gets to sing Sweet Carolina as their Theme Anthem.

    England won the 2022 UFEA Euros Final

    The whole experience was a beautiful moment being hosted in England and winning the Women’s UEFA Euros Tournament.

    The Team gets to Party and sing day and night because it was the happiest moment of their lives because they finally achieved something into a reality. There was also a moment when the Players sang “Football is Coming Home” while Sarina Wiegman was in a middle of an Interview and it was a the highlight of the night.

    On August 1, 2022, The whole England Lionesses Team gets to end up have a Parade in London at Trafalgar Square. While the England’s Lionesses celebrate their victory win parade, Alex Scott came on stage and the Lionesses made their long-awaited appearance, an inadequate PA system meant that the 7,000 who had waited for hours in the hot sun could hardly hear what was happening on stage. Everyone was singing and having a good time and Jill Scott interviewed a Trophy while celebrating. Everyone took the Dancefloor and have their moments to dance it off especially Chloe Kelly was the star of the show.

    Leah Williamson with Alex Scott

    Let’s Go England Lionesses! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🦁

    Lionesses for All Abilities

  • The Sydney Derby which is also known as The Battle of the Bridge. It’s based on a local derby match between the two Sydney based Australian Football League (AFL) clubs. These two teams in Sydney, New South Wales are the Sydney Swans and the Greater Western Sydney Giants. These 2 Teams played each other since 2012. The GWS logo and the orange color texture reminds me of the San Francisco Giants style which it’s a baseball team in the MLB. The Sydney Swans reminds me of Swansea CIty A.F.C which it’s based on a Welsh Soccer Team, but the colors doesn’t match. These two AFL Clubs are 40 minutes away from each other’s Stadium. The Swans play at the Sydney Cricket Ground, while GWS play at Sydney Showground Stadium (Known commercially as GIANTS Stadium during Footy Season.

    The Match started of with competitiveness during their 24th Sydney Derby while it started off with Harry Himmelburg at the mark which then kicks it in the Goal Zone by giving the Giants an early lead. Heeney from the Swans got the ball and level it up. After when Toby Green from the Giants scored a Goal, The Giants tied at 13-13. Before the Swans got away with the lead before the 1st Quarter ended, Braden Pruse kicked the ball at the 55 yards to get a phenomenal goal. The Swans were leading the Giants 38-19 to end the 1st Quarter. During the 2nd Quarter, the Swans began to storm the Giants. Errol Gulden kicked it in the circle at the 45 and give the Swans a big lead from the Giants and took the lead the rest of the match until the very end. The Swans finished with 60-23 at Halftime.

    When the 3rd Quarter began, The Swans had some key moments like the time Tom Papley got the superstar Goal and the fans were excited to see him get the goal which he was the entertainer of the match. The Swans were leading 66-23. Then Franklin got some excellent goals by staying away from the defense and finds a way to kick it with his right foot. Before the 3rd Quarter comes to a close, Toby Greene finally helped the Giants score a goal since the 2nd Quarter. The Giants finally got some goals with one behind which wrapped up the 3rd Quarter by The Swans leading by 50 points difference 86-36. The Giants hardly got a chance to conclude the end of the field while the Team had lots of interceptions and give the Swans a lot more time with the ball. The Swans had the best final 2 minutes and Nick Blakey got a monster size goal, kicked at the 50. The Swans Fans were happy to see the Team lead over 100. During the final 45 seconds all of the players tackled Errol Gulden and stoped the ball inside the 50 and Errol Gulden kicked the ball to the goal during last few seconds and they won 112-39. The Swans won by 73 margins over the GWS Giants which the Swans were a mighty team with the best defensive side of the match. The Giants had some rough edges and couldn’t figure out how to score by the end of field with the Swans thumped the Giants with a big margin since they first compete against each other in 2012 by 63 margin.

    After the Match ended there was the Brett Kirk Medal Everytime during the end of the match during the regular season. This Award was a specialty award which was named after Sydney Swans AFL premiership player Brett Kirk, who was born and raised in New South Wales. The player who gets to earn this Award goes to Luke Parker from his outstanding performance and great teamwork player.

    SYDNEY Swans 6.2 9.6 13.8 17.10 (112)
    GWS Giants 3.1 3.5 5.6 5.9 (39)

    Sydney: Reid 3, Franklin 3, Heeney 3, Papley 2, Gulden 2, Hayward, Mills, Rowbottom, Blakey
    Greater Western Sydney: Greene 2, Himmelberg, Hogan, Preuss

    Sydney: Parker, Rowbottom, Gulden, Mills, P.McCartin, Reid, Heeney
    Greater Western Sydney:Taylor, Kelly, Whitfield, Haynes

    Sydney: Nil
    Greater Western Sydney: Nil

    Greater Western Sydney:Stephen Coniglio (replaced in selected side by Xavier O’Halloran)

    Sydney: Josh Kennedy (unused)
    Greater Western Sydney:Lachlan Keeffe (unused)

    Crowd: 31,916 at the Sydney Cricket Ground in Sydney, New South Wales

  • By Anonymous

    I always find myself confusing because I always wanted to act like myself but had trouble figuring out how to identify myself as a male or a female. I also find it interesting to learn how many changes I went through even though I never changed my sexuality. It did help me become a better version of myself though. I also discovered that there are different categories of LGBTQ+ people which caused me to become very curious. I had always wanted to discover different types of people and see if I myself was in the LGBTQ+ Category.

    I always love girls but I had trouble being or acting like them because not every woman is like that or they keep stuff to themselves that they don’t tell men about. Most of the time I like women because I like their sense of fun and bonding. They’re good talkers, caring people, and really helpful with others. I like the fact that everyone gets to be a woman but it could be hard to admit because most might think they are gay. People might have a different side of themselves which is OK because you can be whoever and whatever you want.

    I had trouble keeping up with them because I always ended up in the friend zone or I got dumped, rejected or ended up as an acquaintance because I wasn’t good enough or said the words wrong.

    At some point I will have to decide ” What do I want to act like: a beautiful woman or a handsome guy?” I like roleplaying while playing dress up because it helps me give the idea of that reality and see my own self reflection for what is my true identity.

    (Let the reader think for themselves with these questions)

    Why do I like women with different gender identity?

    Why do I like guys acting like a woman?

    Why do I sometimes imagine myself acting like a pretty woman?

    Do I have to understand about genitals?

    Why do I like women with different body types?

    Why is it so hard to keep my manhood?

    Why do I change interest with sex genders?

    How should I know the understandings of a man and a woman in general?

    What is the point about my sexuality?

    Here’s the links if you’re curious about gender identity on the Autism Spectrum

    Dr. Grimaldi’s Takeaway

    This is not a new subject at all. People once realized this has been happening for decades but they covered it up due to fear (False Expectations Appearing Real). There is not enough evidence based research on gender identity and autism spectrum disorder. This is why I find this subject so interesting and I am becoming very involved in research of this matter. Why?

    Because from my clinical eye and working with tons of kids on the spectrum this has become a big issue for them. I love and respect these kids so much they are so brilliant and talented. That is why this has become a big issue to me.

    I find that a lot of the kids I work with are not concerned with gender at all. In my mind, as my own unique individuality and as a professional in the field, I actually think this is a beautiful thing. Why?

    Most typical kids I’ve worked with my whole life are so caught up in gender identity and if they have the traits to portray the gender they were not born with and develop a lot of unnecessary stress because of this.

    I find it extremely freeing that a lot of kids that I work with on the spectrum do not look at gender and age nor do they look at disability.

    What a lesson to be learned for the typical population to release themselves of this burden that causes stress. Most people I work with on the autism spectrum don’t judge others, rather they are judged for being the person they want to be. Call it neuro-divergent wiring, call it cultivating isolation into positive thinking. There is so much we can talk about on this situation

    What upsets me the most is that people judge and banter the LGBTQ+ community when more than half of the population consists of neuro-divergent people. For those who don’t know what neuro-divergent means, it means people with minds that function differently from the so called “norm” of the human brain. This makes me think that the “norm” of the human brain should be reconsidered like the food pyramid after 50 years.

    It actually infuriates me that ignorance and lack of education on the subject throws our system into fear, aka the public library system shutting down LGBTQ+ education. For if only the public knew that a lot of this is simply neuro-physiology and need to think before they judge. I spend a big portion of my day teaching my Newsmakers how to become critical thinkers. It would be so nice if the rest of the world had that 101 education; if so, we would have less bullying and violence in a society where sexuality and ageism are so prominent. There needs to be more education on the reality of this situation instead of ostracizing kids that are as special as one can be for all of the eye to see.

    Results suggest that autism spectrum disorder presents a unique experience to the formation and consolidation of gender identity, and for some autistic individuals, their sexual orientation relates to their gender experience, which could mean a past experience of bullying, violation, or ostracization, which resulted in isolation. As I mention my Newsmakers, your struggle is your story to help others.

    It is important that clinicians working with autism spectrum disorder are aware of the gender-diversity in this population so that the necessary support for healthy socio-sexual functioning and mental well-being is provided.

    It is more important that parents, teachers, and all other facilitators as well as politicians are educated on this matter. Individuals are getting hurt for being who they want to be. Is this a physiological issue or a psychological issue? Let the reader decide.

    Note to self: One thing for sure, and I stand tall on this subject (#StandTallFoundation), is that excluding, covering up, or getting rid of information is making it so much worse for these kids as well as the typical population. The decline in mental health has exponentially manifested after the pandemic. You would think one would want more education to help resolve this ever-growing angry culture that we are now living in. Once again, let the reader decide.


    Dr. Christine Grimaldi

  • After all these years, I enjoy listening to EDM Songs but when I felt like researching the artists from autobiography, about most of them from UK which the Netherlands were my runners up of DJ’s outside of the US. During the time of a Global Pandemic, I decided to focus on young talents of British Dance DJ’s who started as local DJ’s in their hometown area. I watched them play club music on social media. I never focus on going to Nightclubs in general which I wish I would like to go. I really love to hear nightclubs on social media and videos so I can enjoy the experience and tryout different musics for each club. I became interested of these small artists because of a specific channel of music on Spotify and search, Drum and Bass, UK Garage, and other categories of EDM Songs for current generation.

    If I would here any of my music or my favorite songs from the artists if they decide to play it in high pitch at clubs, I would rewatch it over and over and over until I get tired of it. Not just nightlife in the UK, it could happen to nightclubs and concerts in Australia, the Netherlands, USA, Germany and Ireland, Tomorrowland in Belgium and other countries around the Globe. The DJs that I’ve listened to is Tsuki, Aleya Mae, Koven, Aktive, BLVCK CROWZ, Subtronics, Blanke, Excision, Freaks & Geeks, Biscits, Maduk, Modestep, JEANIE, Lee Mvtthews, K Motionz, Wilkinson, Ekko & Sidetrack, Friction and Protostar

    Nightclub in London
    Nightclub Tour in Leicestershire