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  • The show is about parting up with the couples on an island. They also have the cast interview themselves about what’s going on about the moment or showing their feelings about the event or dating experience. The show also experienced the cast on their dating experience. Both of these shows has the interview of each character express on how they feel about the experience.

    The story of Love Island is about young people who couple with others and some women have too much makeup to think they look attractive which is more artificial. The show is about friends coupling up and understanding their feelings. On the nontoxic side, there’s a group of men and women for the most part are good friends and talk about each other’s company. During their time off, the guys workout and talk about the woman their dating or interesting stories. The girls often put on make up and get fashion when have the time to themselves. There’s also dating experience and I also enjoyed the fun challenges with some cheeky moments. The show also includes each character interview the camera to express how they feel at the moment of each highlight of the show. I really like that they get to have todays music in the background like dance pop or bass vibe which fits perfectly for a tropical vibe. The show sadly have break up moments which who would get dumped on the Island.

    The story of about Love on the Spectrum is people on the spectrum finding love while others go on a dating trial experience to find which person fits them the most. The idea of Autism is that the dating experience like speed dating which it could a challenge but understand there wants and needs. Most Autistic people are curious about the dating experience in person because they want to know about love and comfort. Some of the dating experience is based special field trips for their VIP moment so they can have the memory of dating with a positive experience. Others think that the more they get to know each other, they’ll get to enjoy the conversation. The norm of the idea is to show trust and build characteristic of their strongest and their weakness. For example someone like history of animation shows or movies, animals, music, cooking, or history. Sometimes people on the Autism Spectrum tend to not last of relationship because of lost interest or emotional stress or rather prefer staying friends because they may not be into having a serious relationship.

    Imagine if I would be on a spin off version of Love Island, I would get on Love Island myself so I can make a lot of friends and have all of the ladies like the guy who lives in a mansion. I could be a ladies man and have their romantic as I can be and give them comfort. I would enjoy the challenges because it’s for fun and I would be laughing at the funniest moments on the challenges if it’s fun and games. I would have the charm of it because I have a sexy style when it comes to fashion.

  • Damar Hamlin is the safety liner on the defense side for the Buffalo Bills went to cardiac arrest during last Mondays Game at Cincinnati, Ohio against the the Cincinnati Bengals. The whole community prayed for Damar Hamlin to get a speedy recovery and the whole world decided to pray for him to hope that he’ll be okay. The whole Sports Industry talked about Damar Hamlin throughout the whole week. Everyone dedicated to show love on the #3 and hopefully pray for a miracle. All of the players and crew members of the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals huddled in so they all prayed for Damar Hamlin to get a recovery as soon as he makes it alive. Damar Hamlin also run his own toy drive since 2020 and donated $3,000 and reached to 8.5 million from the love and kindness on GoFundMe.

    When Damar woke up, he was able to communicate by writing, and wrote to the doctors, “Did we win?” And they respond with, “Yes, you won the game of life.” He took a lot of recovery and when time goes on, he was able to talk and speak again which he FaceTime the whole Buffalo Bills Team. Coach Sean McDermott was thankful that the miracle came to life. The whole Sports Community we’re grateful for his recovery and he was able to survive this horrific moment. Everyone around the football community decided to show their love for Damar and put down the #3 for every Jersey especially the special spot on the 30 yards line. The whole paramedic team did a fabulous job for an emergency check up after what happened and got applauded by the fans from their dedicated work.

    Buffalo Bills ended their regular season with a win against the New England Patriots. The match started off with the whole team giving the full respect and contributing Damar Hamlin for the love and care.

    The game started with a 96 yard run from Nyheim Hines the #20 which he took the run through the sideline and took the touchdown for the opening kickoff run to do it for Damar Hamlin. The whole crowd was amped up for what they witnessed and it was first time that the Buffalo Bills got a stunning opening TD for the Bills since safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest. The NewEngland Patriots quickly responded for a Tocuhdown after the Bills opening Tocuhdown. Josh Allen through passes to Gabe Davis #13 and Stefon Diggs #14 to get close to the end zone. During the 2nd Quarter, Josh Allen passed the ball to Dawson Knox #88 for the touchdown and give the love to Damar Hamlin. Both teams had really good defensive but the Patriots level up at 14 by halftime.

    When the game went to the 3rd Quarter, the Patriots got most of the ball until an interception from Tre’Davious White #27 at the 1 yard line and made the play for Damar. When it was at kickoff, Nyheim Hines took the 101 yards run for the touchdown and this is his 2nd kickoff touchdown which made the fans wild to gain back the lead. After that amazing play, Josh Allen took sacrifice throws and took the long throw to John Brown #16 for the Touchdown. During the 4th Quarter, Parker from the Patriots got the touchdown but then failed to get the 2 point conversion. Afterwards, Josh Allen took a moment and threw nearly 60 yards to his best friend Stefton Diggs for The Bills Mafia Touchdown which it was the most exciting Touchdown since Hines 2 TD scrimmage. The Patriots we’re about to get a touchdown with 5 minutes left and it was intercepted from Matt Malino #58 which the whole Bills Mafia cheered on the sideline. The Patriots got another interception and give it to Tremaine Edmunds #49 and the Buffalo Bills won 35-22 which they’ll head to the Wildcard Round against the Miami Dolphins. The Miami Dolphins got the spot of the Wildcard and eliminated the Jets while the Bills knocked out the Patriots opportunity for a playoff spot.

    The Buffalo Bills had a great win and showed their fans the love for football and Damar Hamlin. The Bills FaceTime Damar that they won the game for him and it was the match that Bills will never forget to end their regular season match before playoff season. The whole game was like a Hollywood show for beliefs and love for the action of football. The whole news media went to spread the love of his words of wisdom and the belief that the Bills would win the game for him.

    The Quarterback Josh Allen said “It had been 3 years and 3 months since the Bills’ returned a kickoff for a touchdown”. The Bills star quarterback Josh Allen also said, “It was spiritual. Bone chilling.” Hamlin, watching from the hospital, tweeted, “God behind All This, no coincidence.”

  • A year at a glance with our News Makers @autisticana. The News Media Team that is going to sweep the nation.

    It is a little over a year, and I can not be more proud of my News Makers at Autisticana. We are an all ability news team that explores and investigates great news worthy corporations, people, restaurants, travel, stories, and fun conscious leadership events.

    As a team of conscious like minded leaders our goal is to peak people’s curiosity, share good news and advocate for what is right.
    We got inspired and got to work during the pandemic to help ourselves and others overcome their fears and isolation.
    As the team founder and coach , there was no better way than to make lemonade out of lemons by teaching our youth that you can find joy in the most painful of times.

    How do we do that ? PURPOSE!

    I have been an integrative medicine doctor and holistic counselor and coach for years, working in the field of adolescent medicine and at risk youth and young adults.

    When the pandemic hit, I knew I needed to create something amazing to help out all kids and young adults from the devastating effects of Covid 19, and the effects of being a teen or young adult period.

    Then I got the worst call of my life. I always say , “When you think it is bad, it can always get worse and you must keep on rising and paying it forward.

    On September 4 th 2020, as I was running my programs my baby sister Cat called and told me she had cancer. I was broken and still am. I dedicated my life to children with cancer and now this news?
    Cat was 38 years old , had four young boys and was diagnosed with stage four intestinal cancer.
    She continues to fight and we ask everyone to pray for her daily.

    As broken as I was, I immediately
    rerouted all my holistic programs and coaching to develop a great team of conscious leadership and like minded individuals to show my young nephews that you can keep going, keep working for the greater good in the toughest of times. We can all find a new rhythm that will get us through. Developing this group was the heart beat for me.

    Living life is all about being purposeful and kind. Story telling and the art of , is more than just a story . It is the essence of life and manifesting the life you desire.

    I have taught myself and everyone that you hold the power to write your own script, and that your creation of your own story will be the beautiful blueprint to create the life you desire. You can choose to take action and manifest your own script. We created positive stories and news pieces from excursions that we took and still do weekly.

    I created the News Makers in honor of my mentor Barbara Walters, who had a sister with disabilities and always wished for her to have a vocation. I got to work and taught my young adults everything about research, writing , communication, executive functioning , interpersonal skills, kindness, compassion, listening , communicating effectively, wellness and so much more.

    We have all been through a lot in the past year at Autisticana, and we have all rose to the occasion.

    I now have developed an excellent team of friends, leaders, mentors and innovators that will just continue to expand to help out everyone in need.

    We are a conscious leadership news media company that is going to sweep the nation.

    I developed an enrichment center in Stony Brook Ny and a writing , wellness center in Rhinebeck area Ny.

    We have now partnered with 13 hands equine rescue, where my team, and so many more to come will learn about assisted animal therapy and everything rescue has to teach.

    Animals have a way of going above and beyond what us mere mortals can not .

    I will always have a heavy heart from my family tragedy but will always reroute the pain into positive story telling and great experiences for all our youth, because they hold all our futures in their hands.

    The News Makers are now almost finished with producing 12 Chapter books, 7 plus children’s empowerment books, yoga mats, library programs and my soon to be released Memoir “ By Your Side “, A Walk in The Park with Barbara Walters” 25 years of loving ,laughing and lessons with the world’s most legendary journalist.

    Through all the hard times, we have learned to chop wood and carry water, so that we can keep teaching our lessons forward and helping humanity.

    I am so so proud of my team and words can not express the love and pride I have for all these young adults.

    Pictures say more than a thousand words.
    If you have the desire to write your own script for a life you never thought you could have. Please come join us at The News Makers, a news media friendship team , that creates daily purpose, and that is going to sweep the nation.

    With love and light and pride for my team.
    Dr. Christine Grimaldi