Love Island vs Love On the Spectrum

The show is about parting up with the couples on an island. They also have the cast interview themselves about what’s going on about the moment or showing their feelings about the event or dating experience. The show also experienced the cast on their dating experience. Both of these shows has the interview of each character express on how they feel about the experience.

The story of Love Island is about young people who couple with others and some women have too much makeup to think they look attractive which is more artificial. The show is about friends coupling up and understanding their feelings. On the nontoxic side, there’s a group of men and women for the most part are good friends and talk about each other’s company. During their time off, the guys workout and talk about the woman their dating or interesting stories. The girls often put on make up and get fashion when have the time to themselves. There’s also dating experience and I also enjoyed the fun challenges with some cheeky moments. The show also includes each character interview the camera to express how they feel at the moment of each highlight of the show. I really like that they get to have todays music in the background like dance pop or bass vibe which fits perfectly for a tropical vibe. The show sadly have break up moments which who would get dumped on the Island.

The story of about Love on the Spectrum is people on the spectrum finding love while others go on a dating trial experience to find which person fits them the most. The idea of Autism is that the dating experience like speed dating which it could a challenge but understand there wants and needs. Most Autistic people are curious about the dating experience in person because they want to know about love and comfort. Some of the dating experience is based special field trips for their VIP moment so they can have the memory of dating with a positive experience. Others think that the more they get to know each other, they’ll get to enjoy the conversation. The norm of the idea is to show trust and build characteristic of their strongest and their weakness. For example someone like history of animation shows or movies, animals, music, cooking, or history. Sometimes people on the Autism Spectrum tend to not last of relationship because of lost interest or emotional stress or rather prefer staying friends because they may not be into having a serious relationship.

Imagine if I would be on a spin off version of Love Island, I would get on Love Island myself so I can make a lot of friends and have all of the ladies like the guy who lives in a mansion. I could be a ladies man and have their romantic as I can be and give them comfort. I would enjoy the challenges because it’s for fun and I would be laughing at the funniest moments on the challenges if it’s fun and games. I would have the charm of it because I have a sexy style when it comes to fashion.

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