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Futurama is Back for the Revival on Hulu

It reveals that they’ll return to Futurama on Hulu during the summer of 2023. It will start with Season 11 and consist of two parts, with an initial run of 10 episodes. Futurama aired in 1999 on Fox, ending in 2003 after 4 seasons.… Continue Reading “Futurama is Back for the Revival on Hulu”

Our Trip to Spencer’s

By Christine Grimaldi This past week, the crew at Autisticana visited Spencer’s at the Smithtown Mall. The store is very interesting because it has shirts and clothing based on popular movies, anime, and musicians. It also has paraphernalia relating to weed, occultism, and magic,… Continue Reading “Our Trip to Spencer’s”

Why Autisticana is so famous in other Countries

While United States, Canada and the United Kingdom had problems with financial issues and support for the people with disabilities. Countries that have a lot of money to support the system of Disabilities Rights. The Countries that give them successful services like Australia, New… Continue Reading “Why Autisticana is so famous in other Countries”

My dream at Leeds Division of Autisticana UK

The same weekend that I went to Christine’s Weekend House Upstate and I dreamed about the time when I was on month Business Trip to England because it has the highest percentage of viewers overseas and I have some of my personal interests and… Continue Reading “My dream at Leeds Division of Autisticana UK”

The GWS Giants Stumped the Swans During the Sydney Derby

The Sydney Derby is also known as The Battle of the Bridge which two teams have competition for fans to experience the Australian Football League with some exciting highlights from the GWS Giants and the Sydney Swans. Since 2012, the battle of the two teams has always been fun since the Great Western Sydney Giants played for the AFL.

What Makes New York State a Gentrification Area of the Historical Towns of Upstate

The Hudson Valley is experiencing gentrification as wealthy New Yorkers invest in local real estate and use Airbnb to experience the upstate lifestyle. This is leading to neighborhood conflicts and affordability issues. Efforts are underway to combat gentrification, including using land banks and community… Continue Reading “What Makes New York State a Gentrification Area of the Historical Towns of Upstate”

Harry Himmelberg Saves the GWS Giants a Victory

At Norwood Oval in the western part of Norwood, an inner-eastern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, the GWS Giants faced off against the Hawks. Additionally, the Gather Round took place as South Australia was about to host a Festival of Footy. In every stadium… Continue Reading “Harry Himmelberg Saves the GWS Giants a Victory”

The History of Vinnie’s Pizzeria

Vinnie’s is a restaurant known for its innovative cuisine that combines classic style and ingredients. While the Williamsburg location has been open since 1960 and still uses the original recipe, much else has changed. The current owner has worked for more than 15 years… Continue Reading “The History of Vinnie’s Pizzeria”

The Autisticana Team at the Conference Meeting

The whole Autisticana team went to the Marriott in Melville to learn about online marketing and expanding their business to other platforms. We learned about stocks and growing a business from good times and hard times but it would help us to learn and… Continue Reading “The Autisticana Team at the Conference Meeting”

Miami Hurricanes for their run of March Madness

The Miami Hurricanes had made it to almost every Tournament until they’re eliminated in the Round of 4 which they had an amazing round for the first time in School History for the Hurricanes. Coach Jim Larrañaga and his teammates had an incredible season… Continue Reading “Miami Hurricanes for their run of March Madness”