Growing Up with Pink Floyd

by Gina Kanturec

Photo of the band Pink Floyd and its members circa 1970s. The photo is in black and white.
Photo of the band Pink Floyd

One of my biggest interests is old time Rock n Roll. I was inspired by Pink Floyd through my best friend’s dad who plays in a band called US & Floyd. His name is Kenny Kotch, but I enjoy calling him “Gilmore” because of David Gilmore, the guitarist and lead singer of Pink Floyd . I enjoyed their music and started listening to the band more intensely. Us and Floyd inspired me to listen to more of Pink Floyd’s albums.

I started listening to Pink Floyd when I was in middle school. This gave me an outlet to make me feel good when I was feeling blue and isolated. When I was in ninth grade, I would go to my best friend’s house, and Gilmore would be practicing in his studio. Listening to him jamming out, I grew more interested in his music and the music of Pink Floyd.

My favorite Pink Floyd song is “Money”, off of their album Dark Side of the Moon. It might be my favorite song because I find the overall tone of the song very soothing:

Money, get away
You get a good job with good pay and you’re okay
Money, it’s a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash

You can watch the “Money” music video by Pink Floyd below:

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