The Art of Poetry

By Regina Kanturek

A photo of two white people holding hands. The person on the left is apparently wearing a gray sweater, the cuff of which is showing in the image. The right person is wearing a white sweater, the cuff of which is showing in the image. The background is a white solid wall
A photo showing two people holding hands.

One of my biggest interests is poetry. It allows me to be creative and express my feelings and thoughts through words. My dad was a famous illustrator and he taught how to express myself through creativity. There are many ways to write poetry, but mine was through rhymes. Rhyming was like a puzzle, so it allowed my creativity to build through word games. Being a disabled woman was not easy, and poetry allowed me to express my feelings and helped me overcome isolation. Writing poetry was a great form of therapy, one that I harnessed by myself.

I would like to share one with you..

“Her Only Friend”

There once was a lonely little girl

She made up a friend when she was one

When she and her friend were together

They always had fun

They played in a tree house

Which could be a castle in the sky

Or it could be a hot air balloon way up high

Her friend loved her even though she did not have a family

She could tell her friend anything

She could let her feelings go free

Her friend could make her laugh when she was sad

She was the only friend she had

When everything she loved had gone away

Her imaginary friend would always stay

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