My Interest in Octopuses

By Regina Kanturek

I love all sea creatures, but my favorite has always been an octopus. I love writing and illustrating about these wonderful sea creatures. The reason I am fascinated by these creatures is because they have three hearts and nine brains, each brain lies in a tentacle which allows them to move in multiple directions and with accuracy. I always found octopuses cute, sweet and playful and that made me feel happy.

The Hug-a-puss

What is a hug-a-puss? You may not know

They are shy creatures and do not put on a show

They have a sweet smile and eight legs to hug

Please do not mistake it for a bug

They come in colors – yellow, pink, and blue

A hug-a-puss is loyal and true

A hug-a-puss is loving and fun

A hug-a-puss is a friend to everyone

It has three hearts that love you everyday

But you have to treat a hug-a-puss in a special way

A hug a puss’s hearts can break in three

If you are not the best person you can be

A hug-a-puss thrives on the goodnesss you put out

So please do not curse or shout

Every time you are mean or make someone cry

It will make a hug-a-puss slowly die

A hug-a-puss will always be there to hug you when you are sad

It never wants you to feel lonely or bad

Being a good person will take you far

Remember, a hug-a-puss loves you for who you truly are

A hug-a-puss will make the world a better place

One hug from it will make you happy and put a smile on your face

Video of an octopus moving along the ocean floor.

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