Cara’s Art Corner:

By Cara Difiore

Creating art has always been a great pastime for me. Not only do I enjoy doing it, but I was also good at it and that made it even more fun. As I grew a bit older, it was my best form of therapy, it has helped me express my feelings when I didn’t know how else to express my emotions and get through challenging times. I’m grateful for my passion, talent, and a new career. I sell my work on my own Esty store Of the Flower Designs.

I have decided to start my own art corner because I want to share my interests and talents with everyone and hope I can help everybody out there who needs this kind of therapy in their life. Growing up with a disability can have a positive outcome if you choose it. My choice is to express my emotions in art so I can inspire everyone out there in need.

Photo of Cara, a white woman with long brown hair that is pulled back into a pony tail. She is wearing a navy blouse and ripped jean shorts. She is smiling in the photo and posing with her left arm on her hip. She is standing against a navy blue wall and standing next to a painting of a rainbow horse covered in different colored crystals.
Photo of Cara standing next to a painting of a horse covered in crystals.

Here’s one of the pieces I’ve done that I’m proud of. I didn’t paint it, but I did crystalize it which brings positive energy to this one. Crystalizing this piece with a hot glue gun and glass crystals with my hands. This is very detailed work, that takes a lot of patience and took me weeks, but the pay off is priceless. View our work on (coming soon!).

A painting inspired by Disney's Tangled. It features Rapunzel with her long blonde hair. She is painting a beautiful work with gold stars and a blue, purple, and pink.
I created this piece when I was inspired by a photo I saw on the Internet. This was also inspired by
one of my favorite movies, Disney’s Tangled

A painting by Cara of a pond with a green bamboo shoot pouring water into the pond. The pond is surrounded by a pile of rocks and pink flowers. In the background, the sky is a pretty gradient of pink and yellow.
A painting of a bamboo pond with some rocks and flowers
Bee painting
Daisy watercolor painting
Beach painting
Sunflower painting
Black cat watercolor painting
(this was actually inspired by my cat Manny)
Flower painting
Egg painting
Feather drawing
Dress drawing

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