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Virtual Travel Blogging…The Key to Happiness is sharing our innate gifts. A Message from our Founder Dr. Christine Grimaldi

A photo of Dr. Christine Grimaldi posing on a cliff in Greece. Dr. Christine is a white woman with lightly tanned skin. She is wearing a red bikini. Her face is positioned towards the sun, her legs are sprayed outwards, and her hands are behnid her. She is posing on a white rock cliff.
A photo of Dr. Christine in Greece on a business trip.

As a positive psychologist who worked for Columbia University Medical Center for many years, I was privileged to see the globe in person, as I was working on research and helping children with their medical conditions. I was able to share my gifts and talents with so many people of different cultures. It was so beautiful to experience all walks of life through teaching the arts and empowering everyone through holistic strategies. This can bring many challenges in life, and work can be very stressful.

Exploring and traveling, even through our mind’s eye has helped us to break, breathe, create, relax and take a break from the stressors of life. The world can be so isolating. Using the arts, I have been able to teach so many young adults to turn obstacles into positive experiences – to help themselves and so many others in the same situation. These past two years teaching resiliency and empowering disabled young adults has been glorifying. I have taught so many talented young adults how to use thier innate talents and share their gifts with the world. This has helped all of us to learn effective team building skills. We all have learned to work together as a collective group of like-minded individuals: to inspire each other and promote wellness to others.

Hope has evolved with our group each and every day. We started out by exploring and traveling to special interest locations around the New York region. We were photographing, illustrating, creating visualizations and writing poetry about our field experiences. To be able to explore and then use our effective communication skills and talents to display these adventures to others in isolation was a great gift. It was not only to express ourselves during these difficult times, but to be able to help others be engaged simultaneously.

Now that COVID-19 has hit us hard yet again, we have decided to explore the most fabulous experiences and excursions all around the globe virtually. We experience a travel adventure or experience a week as a team. We will take these weekly experiences and share our gifts and talents using blogs, illustrations, poetry, creative visualizations, etc. I am so proud of the team of young journalists and travel enthusiasts we have built. It is a great gift to be able to escape all the negativit that hinders all of us and replace it with magic experiences that we can all learn from. We hope you follow our adventure and enjoy our stories. For it’s really storytelling that is the essence of true happiness. Our team of like-minded, creative and passionarw individuals are going to sweep the nation!

All My Best,

Founder, Friend and Empowerment Coach

Dr. Christine Grimaldi

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