My Butterfly

by Cara DiFiore

Hi everyone! this is Cara, this is my second piece of art that I’m proud of. I thought I world share this since spring is upon us and butterflies are special to me. Let me tell you why because it reminds me of strength, rebirth, beauty, mystery, and transformation. It always fascinates me how some caterpillars turn butterflies and some become moths. I’m assuming there is a deeper spiritual meaning behind all of it. What do all of you think about this mystery?

Mediums I used: pencil, acrylic paint, black crystals, and metallic paint

Learn and burn: As I was working out on my fit kids mat, I realized all the hard work it takes in producing constant artwork. I also realize how important fitness is for my creativity.

Note to self: I have learned that putting a tile to my artwork only gets more value but also personalizes my work and creates a story for the viewer to enjoy.

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