RIP Brent Renaud (1971-2022)

Brent Renaud

As journalists, Autisticana is devastated by a tragic loss in our country’s journalism community. Just a day ago, on March 13, 2022, America lost one of its most renowned journalists, Brent Renaud. Renaud was in the Ukrainian suburb of Irpin with other journalists filming the ongoing Ukrainian-Russian conflict when they were ambushed by Russian soldiers and Renaud had been fatally shot in the neck. Throughout his life, Brent was well known for working with his brother Craig for many outlets such as Vice News as they filmed groundbreaking world news events such as the Haiti earthquake and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Together, they would go on to win many awards for their groundbreaking documentaries made for TV and become well known names and even founded their own film festival, Little Rock Film Festival.

It is very sad that Brent Renaud died doing the very thing that made him happy throughout his life: journalism. However, his death is not in vain as the footage of the war he shot will be used on TV to convey to viewers the horrors of war, especially the one he died filming. As tomorrow’s newsmakers, we are very saddened because we are all learning how to be journalists just like Brent Renaud, who has been a mentor to us.

Brent and Craig Renaud at Little Rock Film Festival, the film festival they founded

Learn and Burn

While I was doing gratitude poses today on the Kids Fit Mat, I realized sitting in that position how grateful all of us newsmakers are for having a man like Brent Renaud that inspired us to take risks and do what we love most in life.

Note To Self

Make sure your benefits outweigh your risks. May you rest in peace

Dr. Grimaldi’s Takeaway

It is not easy for kids on the spectrum to express emotions, especially in times of grief. I love that they can express their feelings with their creative abilities. It is not that they don’t feel, they feel and express deeply, just in different ways. I ask readers to think, maybe expressing grief in a different way is the best way to express to keep your mind and body steady. What do you think?

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