Akilah’s Fit Chips

I have decided to showcase fitness quick routines encompassing the fit chip pieces to the Body Mantra healing mat and introduce all the different exercises and yoga that can be performed in a continuous flow to help you get in the best shape of your life mentally and physically.

author Akilah Robinson

Crescent pose and Prayer Squat

Perform this flow 20 times a day until next week’s flow.

This week’s flow will lengthen and strengthen your whole body. At the same time, you will develop your spine and abdominal muscles ( called your core muscles.) Let’s face it, as an employer at Mabel & Moon’s production company, we carry lots of books and educational tools to inspire the world to be a more positive and happier place. Our core muscles are responsible for holding us upright as two-legged beings.

This flow will also strengthen our leg muscles so we stand tall when we go to meetings and lectures. When giving an audience an educational lesson our body language means everything. Even in an important interview, if we stand tall, it represents inner core strength as well as outer confidence and self-worth.

Enjoy this flow as it will teach you inner and outer beauty for happiness and success as you see it.

We all have a different perspective on what happiness and success mean to us.

If you look at the back of your chip, you will see 2 questions, please read them.

What does happiness mean to you? chip one (crescent pose)

Akilah’s response: “Simply having a day without stress and being successful

What does success mean to you? (prayer squat)

Akilah’s response:

“Achieving all your goals


While I was working out, I learned what muscles we were being used when we were performing chips one and two.

(as seen above)

I also experienced that just doing 2 chips in a repetitive motion really turns a sweat on. We performed both chips 20 times and I really felt the burn and my muscles working as my heart rate elevated into a great cardio workout. What I learned was that you can keep it simple with moves and no weights, and get a great workout the smart way.

Note To Self

” Have lots of water on hand to drink before and after!’

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