BA.2: The Omicron Variant’s Pernicious Offspring and Whether It Will Impact The Pandemic’s Current Trajectory

BA.2 variant of the highly transmissible yet less deadly Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Currently, the world has started to return to a normal lifestyle after two years of suffering under the COVID-19 pandemic. Masks, vaccine mandates, and restrictions are starting to become distant memories of the past as people have been starting to hang out and get together without any fears of catching this once in a lifetime virus. People all around the world have been going to clubs, movies, restaurants, and schools and doing the stuff they missed doing over the course of 2020 and 2021. However, one problem in particular still remains.

Friends hanging out together, something which has not happened as much since March 2020.

During December 2021 and into January and February, the world was forced to brace against a massive assault against COVID-19’s mutant variant, the Omicron variant through various tactics, such as mask and vaccine mandates, avoiding mass gatherings, and staying home if sick. These were all essential maneuvers, especially as the Omicron variant was spreading during winter, which is known to be home to the annual flu season. However, as it has always been throughout this pandemic, the people of the world were able to stop the Omicron variant as it had against COVID’s other variants, especially the danger of the Delta variant.

The Omicron variant of COVID-19, which was first identified in South Africa in November 2021, on the edge of winter.

Now, as the world is returning to normal, there have been reports that a subvariant or “stealth variant” of Omicron, BA.2 has been rapidly spreading around the world. It has been responsible for current surges in China, the origin of the pandemic, as well as Europe. It has been also responsible for a current uptick of cases in several states, such as New York. This has caused one big question on everyone’s minds: Will this stealthy offspring cause yet another surge of coronavirus cases and derail the US and the world at large’s long awaited “return to normalcy”? Time will tell, but if this scenario ends up happening, the world will be ready with its COVID fighting protocols.

Learn And Burn

While I was holding Warrior 1 today on the Kids Fit Mat, I learned the lesson of what it’s like to have strength and to keep your immune system up in the time of COVID variants. I realized that keeping my immunity up as I was doing yoga is really the most essential part of my whole pandemic.

Note To Self

Don’t get too overwhelmed reading about these variants. Just keep moving forward.

Dr. Grimaldi’s Takeaway

I am so beyond proud of all my kids who have worked with me through this pandemic making lemonade out of lemons! They have learned how to really share their gifts with the world during the isolation they have been forced into for the past two years. They are all so unique and wonderful and I am so proud that we have brought together a wonderful team of creative authors that were formed during this pandemic and they chose love over fear and continue to do so (i.e. they chose to walk through the darkness to get to the light as a team of all abilities).

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