Black Eyed Kids

From Monsterum

By Eric Zuelch

Black-eyed children, or black-eyed kids, are an urban legend of beings of unknown origins. They resemble children ranging in age from six to mid-teens with pale skin and pure black eyes. They approached people in their homes or cars, asking for a ride home or to call their parents in a monotone or threatening tone. Those who see these children report feeling uneasy around them. The first reported sighting was in Texas in the mid-1990s, where a man was approached by two children asking for a ride. He felt unease around them and left when he noticed the children had pure black eyes. After coming forward, others revealed their encounters.

The origin of black-eyed kids has been debated for years. Some say they are vampires, others say they are demons, it is also believed that they are aliens or human-alien hybrids. Most encounters are short only lasting a few minutes. There is no known case of someone letting the children into their home or car. Whenever an encounter happens around a security camera, the footage shows the camera glitching and only static is seen. The mystery around black-eyed children is filled with multiple unknowns.  

Learn and Burn

While holding warrior two on the Fit Kidz yoga mat we were discussing legends and folklore

and how they came up through years of storytelling. It is great to tell stories of inspiration while holding poses on the mat, so you get to get stronger and learn.

Note to Self

I realize the authenticity of legends and how legends are stories that have been passed down

through the generations and how interesting all of that is.

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