Blooming In Color

By Cara DiFiore

I named this piece of mine blooming in color just now because I thought it was the best fit for it since it’s kinda colorful. All the flowers in the spring inspire me and the colors of the flowers inspire me to do more.

Used Mediums: watercolor, paint pens, fine line black pens, and white acrylic paint.

Learn and burn: When we were working out on the fit kids mat I realized how the mat has beautiful and vibrant are and the colors have meaning to them. You will have to read our books (coming soon) to find out what they all mean.

Note to self: I learned today about the power of colors and how they shape our moods.

Dr. Grimaldi’s Takeaway:

It’s so beautiful to watch Cara’s creativity and the passion she brings with every piece she produces. It’s been a lot of evidence based research on the effect of the use of colors on people’s moods. This is why they use color therapy to set people up for success in healing for the body and mind. Cara’s art piece produces the beauty of springtime, you can feel the difference of energy in the air when they bloom. You can also feel the shift of your mood as you watch the sun drench the flowers and the plant life begin to rise. As an integrative medicine doctor, I’ve been using color therapy with patients not only in meditations and also in creating a beautiful environment to improve your immune system to lift patients moral.

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