Cara’s Art Corner

By Cara DiFiore

Recreating my old art to shift my mood and lighten up my room

Spring cleaning is a revival for all of us. I decided to step it up a little bit by taking my old art that’s been hanging on my wall and using my creativity to bring it back to life. I think this is a great project for everyone to do even if you’re not artistically gifted. Why go out and spend money, when you can bring more value and recreate a piece once loved.

I’m sure everyone has a lot of old art pieces hanging up that goes unnoticed. People love to shop for one piece that pops a room. Why not, take a piece from each room and redesign it. This will bring more value to your self worth and bring happiness for you when you enter into the room.

The art of accomplishments is a factor in manifesting happiness. You can use all sorts of tools to recreate your piece.

The mediums I used: Glass crystals and hot glue gun

You can even repaint it with bright colors!


Why spend money when I can use my creativity to brighten up my space


While practicing yoga today we discussed the art of creativity to spice up our yoga routines.

Dr. Grimaldi’s Take Away:

Creativity and to be passionate about your work is the key to productivity and success.

It not only puts you in a flow state, where you totally engaged in the moment, but reduces your stress.

I’m very proud of how Cara expresses this concept in all of her work.

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