We Can Become Friends Sneak Peek

By Cara DiFiore

I have decided to make a sneak peek about the book I illustrated for this young man named David Berman. This project is something I have been working on for months. We are all so proud of this work and can’t wait for it to be out, for all of you to enjoy. So here is a sneak peek of it for now.

I wanted to illustrate a cover for the book that expresses that despite our differences physically and emotionally we can still become friends
It’s been so fun making our conversation come true
We figured we would show you a page from the middle of the story
Stay tuned for this great book and many more to come, we are here to empower all of you

Note To Self:

You can make your dreams come true when you work hard at it

Dr. Grimaldi’s Takeaway:

It is a great task accomplishment to be able to work so hard and then see your work of art and creativity become published into the real world. I always said, “that dreams happen, when you actually wake up and start the strategy to make your thoughts become a reality.”

I am so proud of these kids and what they have accomplished through their dilligent work and my coaching.

This one book was written and illustrated by a few of our team members of Autisticana and the Newsmakers.

We have worked as a team of like minded individuals to publish this book, which has lead us on a beautiful journey of creating our own publishing company (Mabel and Moon Publishing), and many empowerment works still to come. Our team and I feel so blessed that we really did make our dreams come true! We are in process of all these publications from our hard work and dedication.

We hope you will follow us on this journey that will impact the world.

Blessings! (from the Mabel n Moon team, that is being sent to us from “Molly’s little Miracles”)

Dr. Christine

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