England’s National Team in The 2022 Women’s European Tournament as Champions

England Women’s National Team in the 2022 Women’s Euro Tournament wanted to achieve a goal like winning a big silverware by having a trophy and take Football Home in England. England gets to also host the UEFA 2022 Euro’s Tournament with different stadiums and get to have the final at Wembley Stadium. The Lionesses wanted to get there fist major trophy to bring equality of viewerships for all fans not just women and kids but every England Fan around the World.

During the Group Stages, England played their first UEFA Tournament and they won 1-0 against Austria at Old Trafford. The next round the played against Norway and got the biggest win 8-0 at Falmer Stadium. Georgia Stanway started off at penalties, then Lauren Hemp scored after the 1st goal, Ellen White scored twice, Beth mead got 3 goals with a hat-trick and Alessia Russo scored at 66th minute. Finally they played against North Ireland and they won 5-0. The Lions took 1st in the Group Stages and automatically made it to the Big Tournament.

When the Lions made it to the Quarterfinals at Falmer Stadium, they played against Spain and the Lions won 2-1. England got two late goals like Ellen Toone at the 84th minute and Georgia Stanway at the 96th minute at Extra time. The Lionesses played at Bramall Stadium for the Semifinal against Sweden and they won 4-0. The Lionsess made it to the Finals for the first time since 2009 in the UFEA Women’s Euro with a defeat against Germany. England could get there hopes to get a Major Trophy for the 1st time since the men’s squad in 1966 which it was 56 years ago. This could be the 1st time that the Women’s Team to get themselves a major trophy for England if they get the win against Germany.

On July 31, 2022 England played against Germany at Wembley Stadium which is home of the England National Team. Prince Williams had stared the presentation. Williamson the Captian of England knew that once the royalty could be made a wait. The tournament is sold out with 87,192 fans for the first time since the Men’s Team played in a Friendly Tournament. It started off with England being competitive but it was scoreless during the 1st Half. During the 2nd Half, Kiera Walsh give a long powerful kick and give to substitute player Ella Toone and scored for England at the 61st Minute. A small kick up in the air by getting the perfect landing in the goal which surprised everyone with a wild celebration. Ella Toone’s way of kicking the ball onto a 30 yard over Germany and lobbed the goalkeeper to give England the lead. However, Lina Magus from Germany scored to level it up by the 80 minute which ends up with a 1-1 draw taking them to Extra time. When England made it to extra time, it was a nail biting competition during the first 15 minutes of Extra Time. When the whistle blew, the team huddle up and Coach Sarina Wiegman who once coach for the Netherlands and won the 2017 UFEA Euro Champions told her England Team to play like a team and hopefully win a goal so they can have their very 1st Trophy for the Lionesses Team. Coach Wiegman can get her 2nd Trophy since she helped the Netherlands and hopefully do the same for England. When the 2nd of ET, Germany started off taking parts of the match during the first 5 minutes before England got the corner kick. When Lauren Hemp kicked the ball in the Corner Kick, it landed on Chloe Kelly which leapt onto a loose ball and poked it to outsmart the goalie and give England the lead. Chloe Kelly scored at the 109th minute and she peeled away twirling her jersey. Kelly did a icon memory like Brandi Chastain in 1999 when she played for the USA Women’s World Cup in the US. The fans were having a blast and celebrated the moment which it was definitely the key highlight of the match. All of the players chased around and had the greatest moment while happily finish this fairytale which it’ll turn into a reality of a happy ending. England had a intense 2-1 victory in Extra Time over against Germany in the UEFA Euros Final. This is officially the first time that the Lionesses to win as European Championships in the Women’s UEFA Tournament.

The European Championship was England’s first ever win in an International Tournament the Moment of Triumph after Two Generation Pain is finally over. The Euro 2022 began with some stadiums big and small but finished it big at Wembley. The Record of TV audience was 17.4 Million tuned in to watch Women’s Football Final. Coach Sarina Wiegman has got herself a second EURO Finals Champion after helping out with the Netherlands in 2017. She really helped England become the best Women’s Team in the World. Before they lifted the Trophy, Beth Mead holds up the Player of the Tournament Trophy in front of Prince William’s the Duke of England and UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin. This shows that everyone is very proud of them with their courage, great leadership and Courtesy of Teamwork. That’s how the Lionesses deserved themselves to become European Champions. The Whole Team lifted the Trophy and England are Officially European Champions. The 56 Years of drought is officially over and Fans can bring joy again and sing along with Country as Champions. The players also did some group pictures and interviews with the Medias about their great journey to win the European Finals and get England their first Major International Championship Trophy since 1966. Everyone at Wembley gets to sing Sweet Carolina as their Theme Anthem.

England won the 2022 UFEA Euros Final

The whole experience was a beautiful moment being hosted in England and winning the Women’s UEFA Euros Tournament.

The Team gets to Party and sing day and night because it was the happiest moment of their lives because they finally achieved something into a reality. There was also a moment when the Players sang “Football is Coming Home” while Sarina Wiegman was in a middle of an Interview and it was a the highlight of the night.

On August 1, 2022, The whole England Lionesses Team gets to end up have a Parade in London at Trafalgar Square. While the England’s Lionesses celebrate their victory win parade, Alex Scott came on stage and the Lionesses made their long-awaited appearance, an inadequate PA system meant that the 7,000 who had waited for hours in the hot sun could hardly hear what was happening on stage. Everyone was singing and having a good time and Jill Scott interviewed a Trophy while celebrating. Everyone took the Dancefloor and have their moments to dance it off especially Chloe Kelly was the star of the show.

Leah Williamson with Alex Scott

Let’s Go England Lionesses! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🦁

Lionesses for All Abilities

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