How I Feel About Being Neurodivergent Now, And What I Wish Others Knew

By Cara Difiore

Hi there! I think it’s been a hot minute since I last blogged so here I am now

Today I wanted to blog about my thoughts on how I feel being autistic which means I am neurodivergent.

the term means when someone’s brain processes, learns, and behaves differently from what is considered typical. I never liked the stigmas that come with the spectrum

So I shared my autism story in the last post I did which is in the blog if you want to check that out, now here are my thoughts.

Ever since I found out I was on the spectrum, It always made me feel less human. Like I’m too different from most people in a weird way. Because I always thought I was an alien, I also always believed that the neurotypicals (my best way to describe them) were the normal ones and people like me were the unnormal ones. But recently I’ve seen it in a different light.

That’s because of the conversations and encounters with people in my life but not publicly because I was anxious about comments I would get. But someone told me to go for it and here I am now putting my thoughts and frustration. Whether someone wants to hear it or not.

I’ve gotten a lot of comments that I’m tired of hearing and have upset me like “you don’t seem autistic” “you shouldn’t feel this or that way”, “don’t worry about anything”, “don’t be sensitive”, “stop overthinking everything”, and “don’t you dare be snippy with me”. I find them so offensive and annoying.

Me at a book coffee shop in Kingston, NY holding and posing this book

For most of my life, I’ve wanted to be treated, understood, and accepted like everyone else, well I still do to this day. Since I’m used to being treated differently from non-neurodivergent people and I don’t have the tolerance for that anymore.

I want people to know that just because I’m a high-functioning autistic person, that doesn’t mean that I’m not any less human and not deserving of having a great life.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs.