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  • While United States, Canada and the United Kingdom had problems with financial issues and support for the people with disabilities. Countries that have a lot of money to support the system of Disabilities Rights. The Countries that give them successful services like Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Portugal. Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain, Denmark.

    The viewership overseas, our goal is to increase viewership around the world to see our genius ideas of our brilliant minds which we want to expand viewership around the globe outside of the United States which it’s based on Long Island. During our first 2 years we had top 10 viewership from the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, China, Ecuador, India, South Africa, Germany, Pakinstain

    I think in some countries that get resources and most international cities are very friendly that they can use transportation from anywhere since they most don’t drive a car like most of Europe has a great resource of walking places and town centre’s because it was the oldest landmarks of buildings in the world where everything is close which sadly most of the western countries had some access.

    The resources have extended media attention in recent years Since DLA is a non-diagnosis specific benefit, having an autism diagnosis does not guarantee eligibility; however, many kids on the autism spectrum do. Additionally, there is no means testing involved, so your income and savings are not taken into consideration.

    Some countries has great Support services while others doesn’t have the best system because it depends of the government and legislatives of each country.

    International lifestyles

    The changes of Disability rights

  • Paul Nicholas Fisher, known by the stage name Fisher is an Australian music producer. Every once in a while, Fisher would make funny videos for Instagram and Facebook so he show his audience about the behind the scenes before and after the show or taking a moment to himself. For example Fisher would talk about Paul’s Pondering which he express about his day or something that makes him wanna bring it to his fans and then make jokes about these ridiculous topics.

    His funny Instagram videos and prank videos in the life of Fisher with his crew in some of his exclusive shows and highlights of his international tour with all of the laughter and fun by telling stories. Even all of his songs which he became the next famous Australian DJ and included some of greatest songs like Losing It, You Little Beauty and so much more. He does often go on tours around the globe to play his famous songs and play club music. Mostly he would go to Vegas or Ibiza for his famous hotspots of concerts.

    Here’s all of the best highlights of Fisher’s Best Moments and Funny Compilations on the links below and listen to his music if you love the Australia Legend.

  • By Scott Weisbrot

    A special interest of mine is Avicii. He was my favorite DJ. He was the biggest DJ in the world and a few years ago, he passed away.

    A photo of Avicii, a famous DJ. Avicii is a white man with short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a beard that covers the lower portion of his face. In the photo, he is wearing a white T-shirt and is standing in front of a white brick wall.

    During one weekend when I was at Hunter Mountain for an overnight respite with Camp Loyaltown, I happened to check my phone and saw that Avicii passed away in Muscat, Oman. It took me like 10 to 15 minutes to make me realize that the story was real and when I did, it broke my heart. I got really upset and started crying because Avicii was my idol. He was the one that got me into electronic dance music (EDM) in the last 5 years.

    A photo of DJ Avicii in the club creating music with the turntables. Avicii is a white man with blonde hair. He is wearing a black plaid shirt and a navy blue baseball cap backwards. He has a silver watch on his left wrist. In this picture, Avicii is turning up the heat. He is playing a black Pioneer turntable in the club.
    Avicii turning up the heat

    On Saturday, we went to Woodstock, NY and spent the afternoon around Hunter Mountain. During karaoke night later that evening, I sang “Wake Me Up” by Avicii in rememberance. On Sunday, my twin brother Brett and my friend Rachel found a dead bird and decided to paint a rock orange in its honor. They named the dead bird Avicii. I was grateful to my friends for this because it made me feel better. I truly love EDM music.

    During my sophomore year of high school, I used to listen to the radio every morning to help me wake up. Around this time, I grew more interested into EDM music. I started adding in EDM music into my top 40 stations, which also included alternative rock, country, and hip hop music.

    A photo of DJ Avicii. Avicii is a white man with blonde hair, a bread, and blue eyes. In this photo, he has a neutral face. He is wearing a gray hoodie and a dark colored baseball cap. In this photo, he is standing in front of a mountain covered in shubbery, trees, and other plants.
    A photo of Avicii standing in front of a mountain

    The weekend Avicii passed away, I listened to every song of his, even the ones I never heard before. His music has power to make electronic music interesting because it gives me the energy I need to sustain daily energy.

    Avicii was born in Stockholm, Sweden on the 8th of September, 1989. As a DJ, he used to tour around overseas hosting concerts for his fans. His first official release was “Fade in Darkness.” But, I didn’t first hear Avicii’s music until “Levels” back in 2011. It was a major success and that’s when Avicii decided to make more successful songs. With his success, he won awards and was nominated for best DJ in the world.

    Music video for “Levels” by Avicii

    In 2012, he was interviewed with Radio Host Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1 which was the world popular pop music station in the United Kingdom. In 2015, Avicii was interview with my favorite radio host Astra on 92.3 AMP Radio on Valentines Day. Avicii’s album True was his most successful studio album, and in my opinion, the greatest album he did. Avicii spent many nights touring around the globe to express his fans what he loved the most. Unfortunately, he had to retire from touring because he was having health concerns and mental health issues because of the lack of rest. And in 2017, Avicii released last unforgettable pop/dance success song “Lonely Together” (featuring Rita Ora). I loved this song because it works perfectly in both formats.

    Music video for Avicii’s “Lonely Together” (featuring Rita Ora)

    As soon I realize that Avicii was gone, I decided to go through all of his songs even the ones I don’t play, on Spotify. Listening to his music, Avicii has a range of different songs for every moment and all types of dance songs. From less bass to heavy bass, every song has a different storyline. This makes every song good. He always was able to use the right beat to fit the song and the type of music, and they match perfectly.

    When “SOS” (featuring Aloe Blacc) came in 2019, the song was dedicated to Avicii for his greatest songs across that decade. That same year, Chris Martin from Coldplay cowrote the song “Heaven”, which was Avicii’s last song. This song was created before his death and was finished by Nicky Romeo, who was able to find the new music on Avicii’s computer.

    Behind the scenes of “SOS” (featuring Aloe Blacc) with Avicii

    Avicii’s music continues to live on for generations of EDM fans.

    Lyric video for “Heaven” (featuring Chris Martin) by Avicii

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  • By Scott Weisbrot

    A photo of a DJ Pioneer for control and creation of electronic music. The DJ Pioneer is a large console for mixing music with a variety of knobs, buttons, sliders, discs, etc to help control and mix music as a DJ.
    DJ Pioneer – what DJs use to play and mix music

    I have always loved change of pitch in music. Change in pitch is the same voice from a song but with an altered pitch. This can be in different songs on the radio, in movies, and from overseas.

    I first noticed that I liked change in pitch in either 4th or 5th grade. When I was in Chorus, I liked to sing in a higher pitch because I felt it energized me. In the 8th grade, the chorus teacher put me into the boys choir, which made me kind of unhappy. This meant that all the boys had to be in the same group, the baritones. I didn’t have the chance to sing in high pitch much anymore.

    I went home and checked the internet to understand what the difference was between boys and girls in choir. There were two categories for boy singers. Tenor is for higher pitch males, and bass was for lower pitch males. This was frustrating to me because our voices were rapidly changing due to pubescence, and my desire was to stay in the higher pitch group. I was still able to sing in the high pitch, but it wasn’t like the 7th grade or elementary school, where it was just the altos and the sopranos.

    When I would listen to music, I used to listen to my favorite songs on the radio or TV shows on YouTube. This was in the late 2000s. Back then, they used to allow location designations on your account that showed what country someone was from. I could tell the pitch of different sounds from the clips of different movies.

    In 7th grade, I would notice that some songs were in super high pitch or deep pitch. I used to download MP3 files from YouTube to iTunes. From 2011 to early 2014, I used to search for songs that came in high pitch, like I heard on the radio. This was a challenge as I sitll didn;t know how to change the pitch of different songs. And between 2012 and early 2013, I used to record sonds from radio stations that had high pitch.

    Video showing how to change the speed and pitch of audio on an iPad or iPhone

    A few days after my 16th birthday, my half older brother Stephen taught me how to use Gargage Band on my mac computer and search AU Pitch to raise the pitch of a song. I was grateful to him for the life lesson on music. I was then able to raise the pitch of different songs and download that to iTunes.

    Video demonstrating how to change the pitch or transpose any song in Garage Band

    On that same day, I learned about Spotify, another music platform. Spotify is a digital music platform, where I was able to listen to songs in their regular pitch. It was so cool being able to use two music platforms. I was able to use iTunes for high pitch songs and Spotify for regular pitch songs, so I was able to understand the difference between the two. In 2018, I found the website TimeStretch Player that can adjust the pitch of different tracks for you. This was perfect for determining the right high pitch I liked to listen to.

    Video showing how to use TimeStretch Player to change the pitch of an audio track

    When I go to special events or weddings, if I heard a song that was high pitched like I would hear on the radio, I automatically start dancing and get amplified. I live for today’s generation of music (from the 2000s to the present). The party is always more exciting when someone plays something I love in high pitch the way I like it. It makes the party more lit up, more purmped up, and I can dance on the dance floor until I get tired.

    During the pandemic, I decided to spend my nights downloading songs from every genre of 2020 from alternative rock, country, electronic & dance, pop, and hip hop/rap. I want to become a DJ, so I can mix songs and play them at local bars or night clubs. Maybe I would combine this with blogging to help keep my success going. I still currently download songs on YouTube and convert them to mp3s. After the songs are downloaded to iTunes, I go to TimeStrech Player to change the speed a little bit and raise the pitch a little higher than usual. I have recently found more modern websites that can alter the pitch, tempo, and more of music.

    As the years go by, I’m definitely going to continue to listen to modern music and watch its evolution to see if its good or not depending on the genres of music.

    Recently, I found that all of the music I had from 2011 to 2017 has become distorted, which means the audio is getting outdated, so I am going to have to remaster them. I now know how to change the tempo speed, so I am also going to do that now because many of the songs now sound slower than they should be.

    One day, I hope to travel overseas, I would love to explore the music of different countries. I currently use the Shazam app if I am in the club so I can save songs and look it up when I get home, I go to the music stores, or in case I hear it on the radio.

    Video demonstrating how DJs control and change the tempo

    I also have found out that DJs in clubs can remix songs based on pitch, if it’s low or high. If I hear a song of a remix that is high pitched, I get amped up on the dance floor and party like I don’t care. No matter what type of music you listen to, it’s the format of the song that fits in your soul. If the song doesn’t sound right, you can change the pitch or tempo to make that song more entertaining to you!

    Here is a list of websites I found for tempo and pitch changes to audio:

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