Why Autisticana is so famous in other Countries

While United States, Canada and the United Kingdom had problems with financial issues and support for the people with disabilities. Countries that have a lot of money to support the system of Disabilities Rights. The Countries that give them successful services like Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Portugal. Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain, Denmark.

The viewership overseas, our goal is to increase viewership around the world to see our genius ideas of our brilliant minds which we want to expand viewership around the globe outside of the United States which it’s based on Long Island. During our first 2 years we had top 10 viewership from the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, China, Ecuador, India, South Africa, Germany, Pakinstain

I think in some countries that get resources and most international cities are very friendly that they can use transportation from anywhere since they most don’t drive a car like most of Europe has a great resource of walking places and town centre’s because it was the oldest landmarks of buildings in the world where everything is close which sadly most of the western countries had some access.

The resources have extended media attention in recent years Since DLA is a non-diagnosis specific benefit, having an autism diagnosis does not guarantee eligibility; however, many kids on the autism spectrum do. Additionally, there is no means testing involved, so your income and savings are not taken into consideration.

Some countries has great Support services while others doesn’t have the best system because it depends of the government and legislatives of each country.

International lifestyles

The changes of Disability rights

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