I can not tell you the joy this group and this blog brings to me. As a kid growing up, I always had special or intense interests to keep me occupied and helped me release my fears and anxieties, so I could focus on being my best self. I now use all the tools – I have learned along the way – to inspire all these kids. I am so proud of the work that my News Makers group has accomplished. From art pieces to poetry, creative writing to movie and TV reviews, the creative work and inspiration continue. The talent behind these teens and young adults never ceases to impress me.

A photo of Dr Christine Grimaldi, a white woman with long brown hair, at her Halloween party. She is smiling in the photo, and wearing lion ears, a gray short sleeve T-shirt and blue jeans. She is hugging Gina, one of her clients - who is dressed as Wenesday Adams. Gina is smiling with her teeth showing. Gina also wears a pair of brown glasses. In the background, you can see the white marble kitchen counters.
A photo of Dr Christine Grimaldi and her client Gina at the Halloween party Christine hosted.

Autistic intense interests and experiences are the focus of this blog, and all are welcome to join and have wonderful field experiences with us. We are stronger as a community of talented neurodivergent individuals than we are alone.

We continue to share and inspire. We welcome all to join.

Some videos and pictures from our festive Halloween party are below.

Blessings to all,

Dr. Christine Grimaldi

Edited by avanicole23

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