NASCAR Camping World in Atlanta

The NASCAR Camping World Series is the 3rd Division of NASCAR League. There’s 36 Drivers who participated in the race at Atlanta. The race was held on the 19th of March, 2022. The NASCAR Truck Series runs from Mid February to Early November including the Playoffs. Instead of having race cars it’s modified pickup trucks being racing vehicles. There’s 3 stage races which means the first 2 aren’t as long but the 3rd and final stage has more laps than the rest of the race.

All of the trucks like it’s rush hour

The Race was all lined up with trucks in a row of 2 before starting the race. When the pit crew truck got off the racetrack, the person at the white checker flag waved the green flag to start the race. During the first few laps, Matt DiBenedetto on the #25 truck slide the right side into the wall but managed to maintain his truck in the race. After the 2nd time, he had to go to pit stop because his truck already got some damage but no caution flag which it’s absurd. Before the halfway mark of the 1st Stage, Hailie Deegan #1 Truck almost lost control because of a minor tire issue but managed to survive the race. When Stage 1 was over, the Winner was Stewart Friesen the #52 Truck which John Enfinger the #27 truck driver almost got the stage win close to his tail. Right when the first stage was about to close, Hailie Deegan’s truck was on fire but her crew chief helped her made it out alive. During the 2nd Round there also a couple of issues with some of the trucks but no caution flag was up which the trucks had easier chance to maintain the focus on the race.When Stage 2 was over, the caution finally came out and the Winner was John JH Nemechek the #4 truck. The debris was in on right edge of the track and it was from the #41 Truck Chas Rostein.

Caution During the action
Neck to Neck moment

When the 3rd and Final Stage started, that was the moment when more of the action happens. During the 68th Lap it was the first major caution from invalid with 4 trucks including the #40 who lost control and hit the #98 truck, #45 then there was the #24 truck who spin out in the 90 degrees angle. During the 80th lap, the #30 truck Tate Fogleman lost control into 180 degrees angle. Jordan Anderson the #3 was hit by the #30 truck and the #15 truck got in the wall. During the final 2 Laps, it was the battle of the 10 trucks and only truck driver could take the win at Atlanta Motor Speedway. It was Chandler Smith the #18 vs Corey Heim the #51 Truck and the #38 Truck Driver Zane Smith. During the final lap, JH Nemechek was one lap down but give Corey Heim the push to get his first official NACSAR win. During the final turn into the finish line, Ben Rhodes the #99 Truck tried to go for 1st but Chandler blocked his way to avoid cutting off. The winner of the race was Corey Heim whcih it’s his first official Nascar win. Corey was excited for his first official NASCAR win and the other truck drivers congratulate him for his first win. Corey Heim spin his trucks around the check zone and all of the fans cheered for him.

Corey Heim finished 1st at the finish line
Corey Heim Interviewed by Fox Sports

The top 5 finishes

  • #51 Corey Heim
  • #99 Ben Rhodes
  • #66 Majeski
  • #18 Chandler Smith
  • #38 Zane Smith