Long live the Queen: Queen Elizabeth the II (1926-2022)

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth’s legacy has helped everyone around the world to bring in togetherness and bring in equality around the world for peace and have a happy life. She served the throne from 1952 to 2022 which was 70 years of reigning monarchs service to the British Commonwealth. Queen Elizabeth II was the British Monarch and delivers service to the British Commonwealth. She took the position for the role of the Monarch and took charge of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and other nations arounds the Globe. She politically helped people and rulers to come together, by having the chance to go on meetings with the Prime Minister and other leaders around the world. She touched many lives for seven decades around the UK and the whole universe. The United Kingdom has their national anthem “God Saves the Queen” which the country also represents Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II loves animals like dogs and horses which her first riding lesson was at age 3, and her grandfather King George V gave her a pony at age 4, according to the International Equestrian Federation. Elizabeth’s family had several corgis when she was a little girl, and her father King George VI gave her one named Susan when she was 18 years old. Over the years, she raised about 30 corgis. She’s also famous of the face of money like in the US they have Presidents but when she gets to show her face for cash and coins its used in the Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth II took the Coronation Ceremony on June 2, 1953 at Westminster Abbey in London and it was the first time that it was used live television. During her time touring the Globe to help the environment and social equality, Prince Philips was on her side during the time of their marriage. On April 29, 2011 she witness the history and gets to go see Prince William and Kate Middleton, which The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who are in line to become Britain’s next king and queen. On May 19, 2018 another Royal Family Wedding approach which it The Duke of Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and the American actress Meghan Markle. During February of 2022, England began a series of celebrations marking Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the throne as Royalty of the United Kingdom. On June 2, a military parade featured 1,400 troops in bearskin caps, musicians and 240 horses, a Royal Air Force flyover and an 82-gun salute were staged to honor the 96-year-old monarch. Everyone was able to attened to celebrate the Queens Milestone of taking the Throne which it pleased Queen Elizabeth for their grateful opportunity.

On the 8th of September, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II passed away from health problems and rested in peace at Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It was prolixity 18:30 BST when the public announced the time of her death, the whole world got attention about the major news about the Queen while most national broadcasting shows got interrupted by the sadden news of Elizabeth II. Everyone outside of the castle watched the sadden news about her Death and brought in tears. Prince Charles III took charge of the Throne of the United Kingdom which he is now the new king, after the Queen’s death and he was able to see her mom and dad which both Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth II live a very long life. On September 14, 2022, it was the day of the Coffin Procession which everyone came to pay her respect and watch the journey from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. There were solders who used the Arsenal Cannon to start the march the whole team who did the honors of Elizabeth II. A group of the Royals Guards lined up with horses and one set of four horses took the Royal Carriage. The entire Royal Family walked with them even their relatives of the United Kingdom that are in the Royalty Family. The Queen’s Casket drakes to the Royal standard with the crown rested Atop of the Velvet Pillow slowly to their destination. Once the whole crew made it to Westminster Hall, a group of young men called pallbearers which they all carried the Queen’s Coffin step by step into the church. When the service is over, tons of fans around the world waited in line to get to Westminster Hall to pay tribute and pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth who was the majestic of the Royalty of World. Lots of people waited for 30 hours in line for a 3 miles stretch to give their respects and thanking Queen Elizabeth ii for contributing their consists leadership.

On Monday the 19th of September, 2022 it was the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral and everyone around the world watched it to say their final goodbyes. It was also that same day which it was a Bank Day Holiday where people can take off from School and Work to see the action the Queen’s Coffin in the Royal Queen going through the streets of London from Westminster Hall to Windsor Castle. The trip started with Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey. It all started with casket entered to Westminster Abbey and the choir singed while entered High Altar. A lot of Prime ministers and Leaders around the world also attainted the Funeral Service. Then the Service started having great speech about Queen Elizabeth II. It was about remembering the Queen’s life and Dedication of her work. While thousands of people watched outside of Hyde Park to watch the service and pay full respects. Before the service ended, across the United Kingdom give 2 minutes of silence for Queen Elizabeth. Afterwards, the congregation sang “God Save the King”. When everyone left Westminster Abbey, it was the walk of The Procession while going through the Streets of London, there was a whole group of men which they had the British Navy Seal, the Royal Navy, the Royal Guards, the Arch of Horse Guards, the Guardsmen the Military Unions, and Commander of Chief who took off the Funeral like a true leader. The Royal Navy Seal pulled the Coffin on the Carriage. Then they passed the Statues of the Queen’s Mother & Father which they would’ve been very proud of her dedicated work of taking 70 years reign the longest in British History. Then the Royal crew pasted the Royal Balcony at Buckingham Palace once last time. Then the walk ended at Wellington Arch and that’s when the pallbearers transferred the Coffin from the Carriage into The Royal Car which was the idea of Queen Elizabeth II. The vehicle would carry the beloved monarch was customized from the help of Jaguar Land Rover by the sought input for the Queen’s personal Royal Cypher and is finished in a color used for Royal rides. The Royal Family also brought their great-grandchildren Prince George and Princess Charlotte to watch the moment with Prince William and Princess Catherine. The whole 2 hour trip from London to Windsor Castle was slowly passed all of the her loyalty fans around the world to watch the car move to the destination. Most people took pictures while the rest watched her go and others threw flowers to honor the Queen. By the time when the Queen’s car reached to Windsor Castle, they solute the long walk to St. George’s Chapels. Once the whole team reached to St. George’s Chapels, everything was carefully taken out of the Queen’s Coffin. The Lord Senior Chamberlain broke the wand signify to end the service. Afterwards, the Queens Coffin was lowered down into the Royal Vault. Finally the Queen’s Piper that played Queen Elizabeth II almost every morning has played his final song for the Queen played from loud distance until he slowly walked away and that’s when the bagpipe slowly fades away.

What the world can do now since the Queen is no longer available to take the Royal Throne? Now Charles has take be the new King after his mother’s death. Over the next few weeks, the witness goes for long scripted series of rituals that mark the end one reign and introduce a new start. Once distinctive of the modern british Monarchy is an appetite for ceremonial, it will be use of ancient and ancient-looking rituals and pageants as primary means of communicating for how to deal with monarchy and learned what it means to be British. Since Queen Elizabeth II has a garden in Buckingham Palace, it has a real life of nature where there’s a lot of species and interesting wildlife. The Public can finally enjoy the picnic area while exploring nature, the fresh air, the grass is always greener and look at different animals to see. What would happen to the Economy of the United Kingdom when she no longer exist? Now the Royal Family will would have to figure out about Queen Elizabeth’s inheritances. So who will inherit Queen Elizabeth’s money and her famous jewelry? While there have been reports on which the British royal family members will inherit Queen Elizabeth’s estate and fortune? One day, there be a new Queen to take the Monarch and take the Royal Throne of the United Kingdom after Queen Elizabeth II’s Legacy.

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