My Trip to TopGolf – Our Newsday Experience

It was a place where everyone can play golf, eat, and drink, but most importantly, it’s all about having fun and having a great time. This place has been open on Long Island since Summer 2021, even though the company was growing business in the last 20 years. The company was first established all the way in Watford, England back in 2000. It was owned by twin brothers Steve and Dave Jolliffe who came up with the idea after taking over an abandoned shopping plaza.

I’ve been to TopGolf a couple of times. One of my friends from bowling recommended me going to this place because it’s awesome and has colorful lighting. The place has golf lessons, league night, tournaments, concerts, and social events like community events and parties. The food and drinks are outstandingly delicious and you can customize your game. How do you want play the game — with friends and family? You can have a regular game or a customized game to make it more challenging. There’s also a heater in the winter. It could have a stronger A/C in the summer months. Everyone gets to have their own bay so you can play with your own spot. People can also watch sports and other stuff on TV while enjoying the time playing golf and binging food. I was with Christine, Eric, Jackson, Kevin and our new friend Steven. We played golf, had some moments to get some laughs, and cheered for our friends. Then we got a huge order for all of us to binge on. We played for at least 2 hours which was a perfect amount of time for eating and golfing. People could drink and eat while having a blast. There’s also a gift shop near the bar/restaurant and the main desk. There’s an iPad for people if they want to request the type of game they want to play. If I ever plan on going back there again, I wanna spend the whole night and live the night away. Hopefully the world will expand more of this amazing company to entertain a lot of people.

The Long Island location is in Holtsville on the Westbound Express Drive N of the Long Island Expressway. Going East get off on exit 62 by getting on Express Drive S, then turn right in Nicolls Rd Northbound and make another right to get on the westbound Service road. If you live on Eastern parts of Long Island, take exit 62 to go get on the Service road. It’s only an hour away from NYC which would also be great place to go year-round. The more people who go there, the more it’s going to help them grow their business. Like advertisements on the billboards and commercials on the radio to help them grow the company.

Edited by Elliot Gavin Keenan

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