The Swans Stormed the Giants During The Sydney Derby

The Sydney Derby which is also known as The Battle of the Bridge. It’s based on a local derby match between the two Sydney based Australian Football League (AFL) clubs. These two teams in Sydney, New South Wales are the Sydney Swans and the Greater Western Sydney Giants. These 2 Teams played each other since 2012. The GWS logo and the orange color texture reminds me of the San Francisco Giants style which it’s a baseball team in the MLB. The Sydney Swans reminds me of Swansea CIty A.F.C which it’s based on a Welsh Soccer Team, but the colors doesn’t match. These two AFL Clubs are 40 minutes away from each other’s Stadium. The Swans play at the Sydney Cricket Ground, while GWS play at Sydney Showground Stadium (Known commercially as GIANTS Stadium during Footy Season.

The Match started of with competitiveness during their 24th Sydney Derby while it started off with Harry Himmelburg at the mark which then kicks it in the Goal Zone by giving the Giants an early lead. Heeney from the Swans got the ball and level it up. After when Toby Green from the Giants scored a Goal, The Giants tied at 13-13. Before the Swans got away with the lead before the 1st Quarter ended, Braden Pruse kicked the ball at the 55 yards to get a phenomenal goal. The Swans were leading the Giants 38-19 to end the 1st Quarter. During the 2nd Quarter, the Swans began to storm the Giants. Errol Gulden kicked it in the circle at the 45 and give the Swans a big lead from the Giants and took the lead the rest of the match until the very end. The Swans finished with 60-23 at Halftime.

When the 3rd Quarter began, The Swans had some key moments like the time Tom Papley got the superstar Goal and the fans were excited to see him get the goal which he was the entertainer of the match. The Swans were leading 66-23. Then Franklin got some excellent goals by staying away from the defense and finds a way to kick it with his right foot. Before the 3rd Quarter comes to a close, Toby Greene finally helped the Giants score a goal since the 2nd Quarter. The Giants finally got some goals with one behind which wrapped up the 3rd Quarter by The Swans leading by 50 points difference 86-36. The Giants hardly got a chance to conclude the end of the field while the Team had lots of interceptions and give the Swans a lot more time with the ball. The Swans had the best final 2 minutes and Nick Blakey got a monster size goal, kicked at the 50. The Swans Fans were happy to see the Team lead over 100. During the final 45 seconds all of the players tackled Errol Gulden and stoped the ball inside the 50 and Errol Gulden kicked the ball to the goal during last few seconds and they won 112-39. The Swans won by 73 margins over the GWS Giants which the Swans were a mighty team with the best defensive side of the match. The Giants had some rough edges and couldn’t figure out how to score by the end of field with the Swans thumped the Giants with a big margin since they first compete against each other in 2012 by 63 margin.

After the Match ended there was the Brett Kirk Medal Everytime during the end of the match during the regular season. This Award was a specialty award which was named after Sydney Swans AFL premiership player Brett Kirk, who was born and raised in New South Wales. The player who gets to earn this Award goes to Luke Parker from his outstanding performance and great teamwork player.

SYDNEY Swans 6.2 9.6 13.8 17.10 (112)
GWS Giants 3.1 3.5 5.6 5.9 (39)

Sydney: Reid 3, Franklin 3, Heeney 3, Papley 2, Gulden 2, Hayward, Mills, Rowbottom, Blakey
Greater Western Sydney: Greene 2, Himmelberg, Hogan, Preuss

Sydney: Parker, Rowbottom, Gulden, Mills, P.McCartin, Reid, Heeney
Greater Western Sydney:Taylor, Kelly, Whitfield, Haynes

Sydney: Nil
Greater Western Sydney: Nil

Greater Western Sydney:Stephen Coniglio (replaced in selected side by Xavier O’Halloran)

Sydney: Josh Kennedy (unused)
Greater Western Sydney:Lachlan Keeffe (unused)

Crowd: 31,916 at the Sydney Cricket Ground in Sydney, New South Wales

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