Women’s Euros: The Queen and goal king Kane hails England Lionesses as football ‘comes home’

The Queen said England’s Euro 2022 triumph “will be an inspiration for girls and women today, and for future generations”.

Women’s Euros: The Queen and goal king Kane hails England Lionesses as football ‘comes home’

The Greatest takeaway from England was that if they work as a team and have the best squad in this group, they could possibly do great for future tournaments. The Lionesses had some tremendous experience in the Women’s European Tournament hosted in their home country and helped grow interest in Women’s Football. Since the Men’s League has been getting very popular around the globe, now fans have to the options to go to a women’s football match. There’s plenty of seating in the empty stadiums which would be perfect for a friendly soccer match for kids and women. Everyone gets along well and bring love to this sport. The Women’s Team wanted more young generations of fans to grow interest so they can get bring more fans and viewers watching it on television.

England has been one of the best women’s team in the world and they had some interviews about what’s their goal for the future. The queen gets to take the royal throne to remember the day that women can rule football. One of these moments, Football is Coming Home for the pride of England.

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