Summerville helps Leeds United get the winning Goal Again

Crysencio Summerville a young Dutch Player who has been an outstanding player to create winning goals and helped his team to stay in the Premier League as soon he was ready to play. He helped Leeds win against Fulham and then took a massive win against Liverpool at Anfield but now it time to determine to take victory at Elland Road in Leeds, England which is home for Leeds United.

The Match started with Leeds taking the advantage but Marcos Sense from Bournemouth tripped Summerville and give Leeds the Penalty in the 1st minute, which could Give Leeds the opportunity to get the early goal. Rodrigo got the goal and Leeds United took the lead 1-0 which it was a perfect start for Leeds United. He made the goalie moved to the right while he kicked it to the left which was a perfect example to give themself the lead. Not for the long when Bournemouth scored before the 10th minute and they quickly respond to level it up which Marcus Tavernier give Bourenmouth the chance to score the goal 1-1. During the 18th Minute Marcos Senesi did a long kick to Marcus Tavernier tried to get the goal but Illan Meslier saved it from going which he had other plans to pass it to Philip Billing and skyrocketing into the net which Mesliler didn’t saved it and let it roll in the net and that’s when Bournemouth took the lead 2-1. Leeds tried to keep the ball and shoot it on target but Bournemouth made it harder for them but to find a way. During the rest of the 1st Half it was all Bournemouth who controlled the ball which they should’ve had a chance to get high scoring but Leeds were lucky to avoid another mistake. Illan Meslier had so many opportunities to save the ball so many times to avoid a costly mistake but Leeds United give up before halftime. Jefferson Lerma fouled Summerville and the Refree saw a quick reaction which he used his body to tackle down which give him the automatic yellow card.

During Halftime Jesse Marsch asked his players to wake up and play the firmly so they don’t back to their losing performance while hoping to make miracles to catch up for the win. When the 2nd Half of the match began foBourenmouth had a capital idea to give Leeds United to resume the pressure while Marcus Tavernier ran the ball and passed it to Dominic Solanke slowly kicked it in the center of the box to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Marcus Tavernier with a cross following a fast break which gives Bournemouth the lead 3-1. Minutes after when they took the lead, Chris Mepham give Rodrigo a minor concussion, he is shown the yellow card for a bad foul which it was very good referring. By the time when Sam Greenwood replaced Marc Roca in the 55th minute, Leeds United was finally slowly getting more momentum of the ball and passing it to their teamates. During the 60th Minute, Pascal Struijk had the moment to shot it in the left side of the box which it was attempt blocked from Mepham, especially great assists from Crysencio Summerville. The moment when the ball rolled back Sam Greenwood used his left footed shot from outside the box to the top left corner like sky high rocket. Leeds are trailing back 3-2 but needed a goal to level it up. The crowd was pumped up and started believing again because its not over yet while there still plenty of time for an opportunity for the win. Moments later Rasmus kristensen fouled Bourenmouth and got the yellow card for tripping and the referee was standing behind him which the lies don’t count. Afterwards, Summerville passed it to Rodrigo but kicked it too high which Leeds should’ve been a 3-3 draw.

Then Sam Greenwood at the 68th minute took the corner kick to provide the perfect shot and Liam Cooper got it header from the right side of the six yard box to the centre of the goal. The fans started roaring their chant to believe that they will take the win. This could be the greatest comeback in Leeds United History so far this season. By the time it was 73rd minute, Stacey from Bournemouth had the perfect chance to take winning goal which it was far left wide out therefore Leeds had an extra life of pendent.

When it was the 83rd minute Lewis Cook was gonna pass it to his teammates for the free kick but Wilfried Gnonto blocked it and ran the ball all the way to the other side. The fans stand up and saw him passed to Crysencio Summerville and got the winning Goal for Leeds United which the ground of the fans were hyped up that finally took the lead again from 3-1 down to 4-3 up front which might be the winning moment. Everyone ran on the pitch and huddle down to celebrate with Summerville with his tremendous goal to take the win like what he did at Liverpool. The whole squad will be Marching on Together and this will be a November to remember in Leeds United History. Summerville has a heroic performance with a great contribution by helping his player to go in the right direction. Summerville had 2 match winners in a row since Liverpool especially a young player which he can be the next Flying Dutchman. It was a major turnaround from Leeds United by being awesome superstars in this half. Jesse Marsch was thrilled about his players for working as a team and choose to work as a team to get what they want to get the win with all of the home fans. There was also fireworks at the Stadium which fans outside the stadium of Elland Road decided to celebrate the victory. The fans in the stands also sing about Summerville which it was pure heart for diehard Leeds Fans. During the last few minutes of stoppage time, Leeds did everything to keep the ball to themselves but the last of Bournemouth was about go in and Meslier saved the ball into the finishing seconds which this would wrapped up the match.

When the match was over, everyone cheered like they won the finals because it was massive performance even an outstanding performance with a major turnaround for Leeds United, and fans outside of the stadium release more fireworks while other fans reflected that there celebrating the United States of America especially Jesse Marsch. Tyler Adams and Brenden Aaronson. Most importantly, the whole stadium celebrated the massive victory from Summerville especially he did at Anfield against Liverpool last week. Now everyone would reflect the moment of a November to remember and others would sing about the memories of the match against Bournemouth. There was also post match interviews from the player who helped Leeds United another victory Summerville. There was also Jesse Marsch the Manager who helped his team to find their voices to get them into victory and Goalkeeper Illan Meslier who was massive during most of the match and got some lucky saves.

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