The Revolutionary Match of the Men’s World Cup 2022

The match is England vs USA which the match was hosted in Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. England won 6-2 against Iran while the USA ended with a 1-1 draw against Wales. The last time the Men’s Teams met each other was the 2010’s FIFA World Cup which ended in a 1-1 draw. This is the 3rd time that the USA meets England in a World Cup Tournament.

The Revolutionary match started off with Harry Kane getting the scoring opportunity at the 9th minute but great narrow block from Walker Zimmerman. During the 19th minute Christian Pulisic passed it to McKennie and give it to Haji Wright nearly put the U.S. in the lead with this header, but his attempt came up fell short to the right side. Then Weston McKennie had the opportunity the get the goal but, missed another chance and kicked it too high up which USA could find a rhythm still. During the 34th minute, Christian Pulisic hit the crossbar with a left-footed shot that was inches away from putting the U.S. on top which it was the highlight of the match. Christian Pulisic was so close to hit the next which would’ve hit a few been the goal and that would’ve been the game winner if it was 1-0. England got lucky with the missed which it remains scoreless. USA took control most of the first half but England has other plans at the 45th minute when Raheem Sterling passed the ball to Mason Mount which USA keeper Matt Turner denied England’s opprutinty to get their first goal and The first save of the match for Team USA came in the final moments of the first half in stoppage.

During the 2nd Half, Both teams gotten competitive with a couple of tackles and some the fouls did not count for a yellow which some the foul play should’ve count because of the pushing and scuffing. It was a very poor call from the Referee which a lot of the fans witness some the most cheeky plays from both England and the USA. When Christian Pulisic continued to show his creativity, and helped his fans to cheer on for the USA louder than ever which they had a lot of corner kicks and was deflected out of bounds by England, leading to a string of corner kicks and set piece opportunities in front of a raucous stand full of American fans. It was a thrilling moment for the Americans who watched this moment. During the last 20 minutes, England was finally using most of the possession which lasted for the rest of the match but lower in the 82rd minute, Giovanni Reyna made his Wolrd Cup Debut for the USNMT which marked a milestone within his family, taking the field 16 years after his father, Claudio Reyna, played in his last FIFA World Cup. His mother Danielle played for the U.S Women’s National Team for a short period of time but she won 4 national championships at the University of North Carolina. During the 93rd minute of Stoppage time, Harry Kane made the last attempt for England with a header in the final moments but he wasn’t able to connect. The United States had the last free-kick with the final action of the game which it’s down the line to Gio Reyna, but it goes out of play. The match ended up scoreless which both coaches give each other the handshake and the fans booed for the poor performance and failed to attempt the goals. However, the USA went above and beyond for the defense performance and didn’t allowed England to get the winning goal.

The match ended up with a scoreless draw which USA should be very proud of themselves for upsetting England to avoid them getting the win especially an intense match. Christian Pulisic and he was player of the match because of his great encouragement and true spirit of the sport for what he brings the world together to love soccer with chant and the atmosphere. The American Fans sang loud and proud by saying “It’s Called Soccer” which it does confused people who’s used to saying football. There’s a lot of History between England vs USA but they’ll be plenty of sports besides soccer like the Olympic Games, Rugby, Hockey, tennis, basketball, athletics, boxing, water polo and so much more opportunities along the way.

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