Liverpool Champions League Final with the Victory Parade

Liverpool has faced Real Madrid at Paris for the Champions League Final. It was first time that both teams played against each other in 2018 when Liverpool lost 3-1 but Liverpool won against Tottenham Hotspurs in 2019 for a 2-0 victory. This Season Liverpool has won the FA Cup, EFL Cup, Finished 2nd Place in the Premier League. Now Liverpool has to win the Champions League Final and still get the Treble Season if they beat Real Madrid.

The match started off with Liverpool and Real Madrid we’re neck to neck but scoreless. Real Madrid and Liverpool each almost scored a goal but couldn’t get it in but Real Madrid was ruled offside because of a foul before the goal was stand. During the 2nd Half, Liverpool was starting to lose control but Real Madrid scored a goal during the 59th minute. Afterwards, Liverpool has gotten more chance with the ball but it wasn’t getting in their way. They tried everything to get it in but wasn’t worth it. Mohammed Salah and Jordan Henderson had the ball most of the time but there was a lot of defensive moments. Jurgen Kloop urges his players to quickly. During the final 15 minutes, Liverpool subbed the 3 players each few minutes apart but at the end it wasn’t worth it to give Liverpool to get the last minute goal to level up. Liverpool FC had all the mighty move to get every moment to get every chance of an opportunity but it ended with the goalie saved it 30 seconds before the match and it was officially done. Liverpool had very moment but unfortunately it wasn’t getting in their way but the Team should be very proud of themselves for the hard work and the effort. At the end, Liverpool FC got themselves a victory parade in Liverpool, England for an incredible Season with 2/4 Wins in every tournament from League Tournaments and Football Cup Playoffs.

Liverpool FC Parade

Even Liverpool didn’t win The Champions League Final but deserves a Parade for all of the Double Cup Champions especially they could’ve had a parade for the Premier League Champions of the 19/20 season which they couldn’t do it during the Global Pandemic. Liverpool also included the Womens Club because Liverpool FC Women’s Club won the 2021-2022 FA Women’s Championship with two games in hand, and earned their promotion back to the FA Women’s Super League. It was parade to bring Fans around the World to bring peace and connection.

Both Men and Women’s League gets to have a trophy for their success

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