NYCFC is going to be in Queens next to Citi Field

A lot of New Yorkers are pleased with the idea of having a soccer stadium in New York City because this would attract a lot of commuters who would take the train or finding a Soccer Stadium besides Redbull Arena in Harrison New Jersey for the New York Redbulls. A 25,000-seat, soccer-specific stadium will be erected in Queens, across the street from the New York Mets’ Citi Field. A Newly developed neighborhood would be great for economics of New York sports and local business. NYCFC has been using Yankee Stadium in the Bronx as its home venue since their first season back in 2015 when the team was established in 2013. New York’s other MLS’ other team, the Red Bulls, who played their home games in Harrison, N.J which every year they host the Hudson River Derby. According to the New York Times, and the New York Daily News, NYCFC will build the the cost of the stadium, estimated at $780 million, though the venue will be situated on city-owned land. A new stadium for the 2021 MLS Cup champions could be built which it is expected to be ready by 2027. The City will be private government funds and city funds, is except to bring 6 billion dollars in revenue to the city over 30 years. The breaking ground will be expected to start early as 2023.

On the day when NYCFC announced that their stadium would be in Willets Point Queens, New York. Mayor Eric Adams announced that NYCFC will have their official home and it would be the first professional specific soccer stadium after that Queensboro FC planned to add a stadium at York College. New York City FC would add more fan base, create new apartments for affordable housing’s, an elementary school and hotels along with the stadium included a taxi rank at Citi Field for residents if they wanna use alternative transportation. This means they will have to take over the industrial yard plus an auto shop area which is know as the Iron Triangle. So they take over and turn it into a green city of Queens. Fans around the metro area were more excited about the idea and easier access for transportation.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams declared NYCFC their official home in Mets Willets Point

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