The Giants Never Surrender the Heat

The 2023 AFL Season’s Home Opener was played by the GWS Giants. At Giants Stadium in Sydney Olympic Park, New South Wales, the Great Western Sydney Giants opened the AFL Season by playing against the Adelaide Crows. For a Sunday afternoon game, it was extremely hot and muggy, and few spectators showed up to support the Giants. Adam Kingsley was in his first season as the GWS Giants’ head coach. Many of the people that attended the game ended up watching the game in the shade since it was too hot to see in most areas of the stadium without a shaded space because the sun was (38°C) (100°F) in Sydney during the Heatwave. There were over 8,000 fans, and it hasn’t been that empty since all of the restrictions of the Pandemic Season.

The Match started off with the 1st Quarter Matt Flynn took the mark and got himself the first goal of the season for the Giants around the first 2 minutes. Afterwards, the Adelaide Crows slowly got themselves the lead with the help from Taylor Walker who took the sharpest goal after a quick out of bounds paused. The Crows took themselves the lead while an unforgettable mark from Harry Himmelberg and it looks like an early mark of the year contender which was outstandingly incredible. Harry Himmelberg soars his new heights with this breathtaking screamer which everyone went wild over a big save on the mark. Brent Daniels took a good kick to goal but it doesn’t stop the Crows to resume the lead to move on to the 2nd Quarter.

Harry Himmelberg who is has the best mark so far this season

The Crows continued to surrender the Giants for a gap to resume the lead but Toby Greene refused to give up and took actions to save the Giants to but themselves back on the scoreboard with a couple of behinds. Darcy Fogarty had the ball over the 50 meter line and got the goal which the Giants couldn’t find a way to get close to them. The GWS Giants has generated nine of the last 11 inside 50 entries leading into the goal to Toby Greene for a quick turnaround by giving the fans some hope. Afterwards, Ben Keays got himself a goal and moments later, Josh Rachele did the long kick to Ben Keays and passed it to Izak Rankie by stoping the ball to kick it to the goal. The Giants were puffed out and took out their energy to stay in the game which the match ended at Halftime with the Adelaide Crows leading (4.8) 60 – (8.12) 32. Kingsley was not impressed with the way they play and the heat caused them to become more exhausted which the team huddled up to change their style of play.

They started the third quarter by releasing the Orange Tsunami Alarm to help the players wake up and become alert. The Giants seized command and used their competitive side to get back on the scoreboard shortly after the Orange Tsunami took control, beginning with a behind from Jesse Hogan. The Crows’ excellent defense forced them to drop the ball when defender Nick Haynes booted it to Toby Greene, and the players alternated between letting it go and even attempting to hold on. Thanks to Matthew Flynn and Adam Kennedy, Toby Greene was able to roll up the ball and kick it into the goal square, earning 6 points. Outside of the box, Finn Callaghan passed the ball. After Jesse Hogan received the ball from Finn Callaghan outside the center square, the Giants were able to reduce the deficit and take the lead. Then Callan Ward, a midfielder, made the ultimate sacrifice by kicking the ball over the 50-meter line and into the goal. Jesse Hogan then seized the goal to move toward the leading area.After that, Harry Himmelberg scored followed by his brother Elliot Himmelberg, a player for the Adeldale Crows, which thrilled the crowd despite the Giants’ four-goal deficit. The Himmelberg brothers have traded goals for each team, with Harrison scoring the most recent one after an interception in the offensive half. Before the Giants grabbed the lead, Shane McAdam tackled Jacob Wehr, in a risky way, forcing him out of the game. Jack Buckley then pushed McAdam for his conduct, costing the Giants one of their players. Since Tom Green ultimately gave the GWS Giants the lead while everyone else was tackling for the ball, the Giants did not give up their position by putting themselves in the lead for the winning opportunity. The Giants are in front, and the margins are no longer razor-thin. Despite this, Josh Rachele’s deft touch on the final goal allowed the Crows to regain the lead. After that, the Adeldale Crows player Elliot Himmelberg and his brother Harry Himmelberg both scored, thrilling the crowd despite the Giants’ four-goal deficit. Both teams have seen goals from the Himmelberg brothers, with Harrison netting the most recent one following an offensive-half interception. Before the Giants took the lead, Jacob Wehr was taken out of the game after a reckless tackle by Shane McAdam. After that, Jack Buckley pushed McAdam, costing the Giants one of their players for his behavior. Since Tom Green ultimately gave the GWS Giants the lead while everyone else was tackling for the ball, the Giants did not give up their position by putting themselves in the lead for the winning opportunity. The Giants are in front, and the margins are no longer razor-thin. Despite this, Josh Rachele’s deft touch on the final goal allowed the Crows to regain the lead.

Toby Greene kept the team going
The goal given the GWS Giants the lead

The Giants and their supporters were thrilled for a significant comeback, including the Orange Tsunami Alarm for the good luck charm, when the fourth quarter started with a 5 point margin between the Giants and the Crows. Everyone in the vicinity of the match has been feeling the intense heat, but Stephen Coniglio started the run and kicked it to Jesse Hogan by giving it to Toby Greene to regain the lead. As Adelaide fumbled the ball to the Giants as the Giants were regaining the lead, Stephen Coniglio slipped the tackle and launched the ball to score the clearance by leading away from the Crows. Josh Rachele scored another goal inside the 50 for Adelaide after the Giants suffered two setbacks. In the space of almost the final eight minutes of play, Taylor Walker complained to the referee in the square box about the Giants’ free kick while Adelaide was called for a penalty that should have been a Giants free kick. This cost the Crows a significant turnover. The Giants were able to win their first game at home on opening day despite the extreme heat thanks to a goal from Nick Haynes after a brief dispute with the referee. The Sportsman Engine has demonstrated the ability to never give up, which is precisely what the Giants should do. Everyone was fatigued and exhausted, so the Giants had several water breaks, but it didn’t stop Jesse Hogan from kicking a long range shot to provide the Giants 100 points and stepping up to put them in action of working as a team to lead the Crows by 17. The Crows were too late to catch for the easiness of the outcome, but Luke Pedlar had time to grab the goal down by 11 with just over 2 minutes to go. The Giants kept the ball on the ground, and Brent Daniels scored the last goal beyond the two-minute mark. The Giants won the opening match and home game of the 2023 season by playing all over the field. The discomfort and humidity took their toll on their performance, but it didn’t stop the Giants from pulling off an amazing victory.

Toby Greene kept his head up and make sure that the Giants were in control
The Giants extended their lead to take the win
Adam Kingsley

Even though everyone was exhausted from playing in the tropical sweltering heat, the GWS Giants never give up, and that’s precisely what they did to survive in Adam Kingsley’s first coaching season with the Giants. The supporters never gave up on the game and were proud to support their team and the overall love of the game. In order to prove that they actually stood up and achieved victory, particularly in the sweltering heat, the players pursue themselves in the struggle to win it like in the Hunger Games.

Adam Kingsley was impressed with their performance, and it undoubtedly succeeded in rousing the crowd by using the Orange Tsunami as a wake-up call. The squad sang in the locker room following their victory and continues to do so whenever they win a game. Toby Greene, who fought to keep going even as the squad struggled to find a way to win, is fully liable for the team’s success. Despite the fact that the Giants performed admirably in the preseason, his insight and bravery helped the club recognize that they should never surrender despite the fact that the searing heatwave grew stronger. The GWS Giants could continue to play well enough to win during the season.

GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY 2.2 4.8 10.11 15.16 (106)
ADELAIDE CROWS 4.9 8.12 10.16 12.18 (90)

Greater Western Sydney:
Greene 4, Hogan 3, Daniels 2, Ward, H.Himmelberg, Haynes, Green, Flynn, Coniglio
Rachele 3, Rankine 2, Fogarty 2, Walker, Pedlar, McAdam, Keays, E.Himmelberg

Greater Western Sydney:
Greene, Coniglio, Green, Ward, Kelly, Callaghan, Hogan
Rachele, Dawson, Rankine, Keays

Greater Western Sydney:
Perryman (hamstring), Whitfield (concussion), Kelly (concussion)
Murray (leg)

Greater Western Sydney:
Leek Aleer replaced in selected side by Jack Buckley

Greater Western Sydney:
Adam Kennedy (replaced Harry Perryman in first quarter)
Tyler Brown (replaced Nick Murray in third quarter)

Crowd: 8169 at Giants Stadium

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