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  • Kevin Harrington from the Original Shark Tank 🦈

    The whole Autisticana team went to the Marriott in Melville to learn about online marketing and expanding their business to other platforms. We learned about stocks and growing a business from good times and hard times but it would help us to learn and grow. They’ll be time when we failed our goals and stepped up to try again. This is the circle of life to understand the facts of making a successful marketing company. We also get to see Kevin Harrington from the original Shark Tank Judges and told everyone about the reality of running a successful company. We also learned about online marketing from radio to the internet from the history of successful advertising. We also discovered that famous companies showed their advertising on global marketing if their products or website became successful in their home country. Partnership is one of the top key terms to run a successful company. There’s also investments and partnerships that can help you run your company and encourage people to have interviews or major tv networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC with other networks to run their show regionally.

    This where we went for Business Marketing

    Cara and I took some notes to learn every information about online marketing and advertising. We also discovered the history of marketing from radio to the internet. It also gives us some information about running a company and improving success in life. We learned about Marketing Software and discovered that we could look at the data and gather information about people checking out the website from which country to go on a specific blog on the website or the main site for in general. We discovered the stocks of marketing to get the idea of making a business so successful. There was some partnership with other companies who wanted to help the other company to become huge as the other company. We learned about TV Commercial of history to discover why people watch streaming platform for other success. We learned about being a successful writer or an author if we wanted to write a book. We discovered about commercial success overseas Incase the original airings of the show or a movie or a new product became a popular hit to the market industry.

    We met and watched different celebrities like the original Shark Tank judges and we interviewed some famous people and get to see Donna Drake from the Celebrity news on CBS.

  • It would be interesting to hear about his journey of helping people for those in need, as we are doing

    Meeting Marino Rivera as a former New York Yankees Pitcher would be a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet with him.

    It is great to resonate with people, especially role models that are doing

    great conscious leadership work.

    I am impressed that Mariano likes, to help people and bring education to those who are going through difficult times

    Like all of us at The News Makers, he is bringing positive changes.

    He grew up in a modest Panamanian Fishing Community in Puerto Caimito. He started off as being poor and had very little in life. He actually had more , in spirit and compassion then most.

    Which leads us to the question, what is success really all about?

    He was always a good kid , but had some issues dealing with the wrong people. However, Marino Rivera wanted to play baseball and started in Greensboro, North Carolina .

    He than moved to the minor league, before playing for the Yankees.

    Fun fact

    We just found out that Marino also owns Rivera Toyota in Mount Kisco, NY which it’s in Wechester . He also just recently opened up a Long Island location which is Marino Rivera Honda in Port Jefferson. This coincidentally is very close to our Fuel Holistic Enrichment Center.

    He cares about generosity which shows that he really is kind and compassionate to all for the greater good. He loves what he does and does what he loves , just like our mentor and coach Dr. Christine

    He also loves sports which is a great motivator for all of us.

    much needed confidence.

    As a big fan and participant in the para olympics and this collaboration helps us make friends and gives us a-lot of much needed confidence.

    He also works as a celebrity spokesman for several companies and we hope he will become a sponsor for autisticana and our news media team.

    There are no coincidences as Dr. Christine says , only god being anonymous.

    Dr.Christine and Mariano Rivera collaborated on work together at Morgan Stanley’s Children hospital , in helping support undeserved kids as well , kids with cancer.

    Marino Rivera also got a lot of awards from his dedicated work and a lot of medals too. as did our mentor Christine.

    Not only for sports, but for conscious leadership and serving their communities.

    He played for the New York Yankees from 1995 to 2013. He was the best relief pitcher of all time in Yankees History.

    He was also named the World Series MVP in 1999 and the ALCS MVP in 2003.

    He became the best closing pitcher in 1997 and the New York Yankees became even stronger when he took the mound.

    More so than all of this, Mariano is our conscious leader and will hopefully be our first interview for our broadcasting conscious leadership show, written and produced by all of us at our news media company.

    We are a team of neurodivergent young adults out to mentor and bring awareness to the masses, and what it takes to make a positive change in our communities.

    Knowing the fact that Mariano Rivera played for the New York Yankees,

    His foundation mission runs parallel to ours, helping people bring the community together and renovate buildings and schools so the kids can be safe and feel happy about their futures.

    We are very similar , Autisticana is a blog that is going to sweep the nation.

    We investigate good news and advocate for our futures and those of others in similar situations.

    I think it would be great to collaborate with Mariano Riveras foundation since our soundbites both say , “ We are here to make people’s futures a bit brighter. “

    I am so looking forward to interviewing Mariano and hearing his purpose driven work.




    Scott Weisbrot CEO


  • The New York Mets worked so hard to get themselves another no-hitter for the first time in a decade. Last time was Johan Santana but this time was a combination of 1 pitcher and 4 reliever pitchers which I was not aware that was going to happen. I started believing that the Mets could possibly get no hitter after when Alonso got a Solo Home run in the 6th inning. It was great teamwork from Tylor Megill who opened up the pitch and played for 5 innings, Drew Smith, Joely Rodriguez, Seth Lugo and the closing pitcher Edwin Díaz who had 3 perfect strikeouts. It was a night to remember and fans at Citi Field as well.

    One thing I learned from no-hitter performance was always focused on you and maintain your performance so you can get better at the mistakes from your past. It was an incredible experience to see the Mets get to have another chance to make a historic night with the team playing and celebrating it together.

    Tylor Megill gets an interview on Mets’ no-no hitter by the thanks from his 4 Relieve pitchers
    Jeff McNeil’s Giveaway to helped the Mets get the Lead
    Pete Alonso’s Giveaway Moment to get the Home-run for this unforgettable night.
    Brandon Nimmo’s incredible catch for a fly out

    There was lots great achievements from this Mets Team like when it started with a moment when Megill started pitching for the Mets’ which only lasted for 5 innings because he knew that the team wanna keep their hopes to get another no-hitter. Brandon Nimmo had a great save for a fly out in the 3rd inning. Jeff McNeil swing into center left field to helped the Mets opened 2 runs while he got himself a Single in the 5th inning. Everyone give him a big smile to his fans especially Lindor in the dugout. Pete Alonso got a monster Solo Home run to give a Mets 3-0 lead against the Phillies during the 6th inning. During the 8th inning before Alonso got a fly ball out, Lindor passed to McNeil and Alonso to give the Double play which shows great team effort and power pass to keep the Mets’ no-hitter alive. When Edwin Díaz pitched for the closing moments, he got 3 perfect strikeouts and hyped up everyone at Citi Field and Mets Fans who witnessed History from their own TV. The team has walked 6 batters and struck out 12 batters to make another Franchise History. Some of players got splashed by Gatorade after the celebration so they can bring out the good vibes.

    Coach Buck Showalter’s giveaway with this tremendous performance by telling his teammates to work hard and physically focused on what matters the most to continue this terrific season. The lineup changes had cause a minor delay which cost time but however Díaz was able to get breathing moments to stayed focused and helped the Mets achieve another no-hitter. He said that it was a great night to remember and it show this team can do anything to score runs and win games. On the other hand he still get annoyed the the Mets Players keep getting by the pitchers when there team batted to swing the ball. The Mets has expressed their feelings out about bad luck or fouls that Major League Baseball don’t think about saying it is a big deal because that is very absurd.


    The New York Mets giveaway was that teamwork is the most important part of the game which it shows great characteristics from the players and the crew who helped the Mets live the moment. When this team created History, it also shows that they broke the record for the most pitch by the combined pitchers to team up while finished the game with 159 pitches which was incredible. If the New York Mets continue to use the great Performance of what there doing now, the team can have a greater of going to 1st place in the National League East Division and hopefully goes to the playoffs.

    Edwin Díaz was poured by Gatorade from Pete Alonso

    The Whole team at the Clubhouse to talk about the No-Hitter

    New York Mets Highlights

  • On the 29th of April, 2022, The Mets played against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citi Field. It was a bit of windy breeze in Queens with 32,416 Fans who attended at Citi Field on a Friday Night. The Mets were looking forward for another no hitter for the 1st time since June 1, 2012 during Santana’s Moment and it was the 1st no-hitter in Mets History. While the New York Mets are celebrating 60 Years of this Team making history, more unforgettable memories are making more stories for the fans and teammates to talk about. The Mets are looking forward to create another memory for a timeline that they’ll never forget.

    During the First Pitch Tylor Megill was the starting pitch and only lasted for 5 innings which only had 88 pitches with 3BB and 5 Strikeouts. The Pitcher had some great moments but gotten shaken at times. As soon as it was getting too much to lose the batters for walks, At the end of the 5th Inning, Coach Buck Showalter removed him so he can get some breathing moments. While the coach stayed calm, the Mets got 4 more pitchers from the bullpen to helped out work as a team to saved the no-hitter. The whole pitching crew worked together and team up to keep it quiet by staying focused. Afterwards, Drew Smith had 36 pitches, Joely Rodriguez had 17 pitches with 2 BB, Seth Lugo only had 5 pitches and Edwin Díaz had 13 pitches with 3 perfect strikeouts to make history by making the Mets get their 2nd No-Hitter in Franchise History. Another interesting fact about this Unforgettable no-hitter game, the whole team got 159 pitches with 5 players who all pitched at Citi Field.The Mets broke the most pitches in a no hitter game which broke the record since Houston Astros had 151 pitches with 6 players against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in 2003. All of the Pitch Relievers were very pleased about the Performance and their dedicated work. After when the game ended the sign on the Board said BLACK OUT which was really cool to see for the fans to witness.

    On the Players side of the story the funniest moment was during the 1st Inning when Francisco Lindor had the helmet with no Mets Logo. When he got to 1st Base, Rhys Hoskins from the Phillies notice that his helmet has no logo but laughed along when he found that the logo on his helmet was missing. For some reason, A New York Mets Legend who walked down to surprised the longtime fans and it was Strawberry which the Mets Commentators thought that legends usually don’t wear their jerseys at the fans stand and usually sit at the Luxury Seating Area. During the 3rd Inning, Megill pitched the ball and swing up to the center which Brandon Nimmo made a great dive for the catch to keep the Mets alive. During the Bottom of 5th Inning and it was still scoreless but the Mets had other ways to get 2 runs. Eduardo Escobar got a single and then Mark Canha hit a Double which was a greater of winning the ballgame. Mark Canha got his first Double as a Mets Player. When Jeff McNeil got his moment, he swing the bat and helped Escobar and Canha ran to home base to score 2 runs while McNeil singles on the line drive to Center Field. On the other side in the Dugout where the players watch their teammates played in action, everyone cheered for the players to run home to take the lead especially Lindor waved at Jeff McNeil which give him the biggest smile of the highlight in 1st Base.

    By the time when the Mets reached to the Bottom of 6 Inning, Nola the pitcher from the Phillies pitched to Pete Alonso, it was a swing high ball deep to the left back in front of the wall which it was out of here. Pete Alonso got himself a Solo Home run to helped give the Mets a 3-0 lead. The Fans were wild full of excitement and saw a beautiful sense of joy for an beautiful moment. During the 7th Inning, Rodriguez swing the ball and Lindor was able give McNeil and Alonso to helped the Mets to give the Phillies a Double play to end the Top of the 7th Inning. When Seth Lugo pitched for a short 8th Inning, Pete Alonso was able to catch the ball at his own space to close the inning with only 5 pitches.

    When Edwin Díaz the Closer came in to pitch for the closing moments, Mr. Mets and Mrs. Mets played the Trumpets and encouraged the fans to clapped and cheered for him while playing a very interesting EDM Song Narco by Dutch DJ Blasterjaxx & Australian DJ Timmy Trumpet. When it was his moment to shine, he struck out Bryce Harper, which hyped up the crowd. He also struck out Nick Castellanos which was down to his final out int the Top of the 9th Inning. Fans whistle to bring attention and waited for the moment to be a reality. When T.J Realmuto was up, he had a foul ball a strike and Edwin Díaz give him the final strikeout and that gives the New York Mets a tremendous victory. The New York Mets has successfully got themselves a no-hitter for the 2nd time in Franchise History. Everyone cheered for the Mets, the played jumped up and down while going for joy to celebrate each other for the outstanding Performance to make history. Edwin Díaz has 3 perfect Strikeouts in the Top of the 9th Inning while stayed calm and focused on concluding the game to show that everyone thinks that he could be a hero which it became a reality. 5 Pitchers combined for the 2nd no-hitter in New York Mets History. The whole team who put the effort of the teams effort is now the no-no! The whole team give out high fives into the dugout and then more crazy and the wackiest moments like giving the superstar players poured with Gatorade all over them by jumping in the cold for a energetic moment. While the players had interviews from the news and the media, it was a night that will be remembered as Generations will go on for Mets Fans and future fans.

    The New York Mets has made History with every interview with all of the pitchers included James McCann who had his 2nd No-Hitter Game since he used to played for the Chicago White Sox. The rest of the pitchers had their first no hitter experience and it was a great feeling to bring all of that happiness and passion to really enjoy baseball. Every moment of the Mets have some wonders of writing down more history by making new memories and talking about how to work as a team to get better. Everyone had their own interviews after the pitchers had their moments like Jeff McNeil and Pete Alonso which it was amazing to see the whole Team grow and working together as a team which shows great achievements and appreciation.

    The Links of this Unforgettable Moments of this Mets Game