It would be interesting to hear about his journey of helping people for those in need, as we are doing

Meeting Marino Rivera as a former New York Yankees Pitcher would be a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet with him.

It is great to resonate with people, especially role models that are doing

great conscious leadership work.

I am impressed that Mariano likes, to help people and bring education to those who are going through difficult times

Like all of us at The News Makers, he is bringing positive changes.

He grew up in a modest Panamanian Fishing Community in Puerto Caimito. He started off as being poor and had very little in life. He actually had more , in spirit and compassion then most.

Which leads us to the question, what is success really all about?

He was always a good kid , but had some issues dealing with the wrong people. However, Marino Rivera wanted to play baseball and started in Greensboro, North Carolina .

He than moved to the minor league, before playing for the Yankees.

Fun fact

We just found out that Marino also owns Rivera Toyota in Mount Kisco, NY which it’s in Wechester . He also just recently opened up a Long Island location which is Marino Rivera Honda in Port Jefferson. This coincidentally is very close to our Fuel Holistic Enrichment Center.

He cares about generosity which shows that he really is kind and compassionate to all for the greater good. He loves what he does and does what he loves , just like our mentor and coach Dr. Christine

He also loves sports which is a great motivator for all of us.

much needed confidence.

As a big fan and participant in the para olympics and this collaboration helps us make friends and gives us a-lot of much needed confidence.

He also works as a celebrity spokesman for several companies and we hope he will become a sponsor for autisticana and our news media team.

There are no coincidences as Dr. Christine says , only god being anonymous.

Dr.Christine and Mariano Rivera collaborated on work together at Morgan Stanley’s Children hospital , in helping support undeserved kids as well , kids with cancer.

Marino Rivera also got a lot of awards from his dedicated work and a lot of medals too. as did our mentor Christine.

Not only for sports, but for conscious leadership and serving their communities.

He played for the New York Yankees from 1995 to 2013. He was the best relief pitcher of all time in Yankees History.

He was also named the World Series MVP in 1999 and the ALCS MVP in 2003.

He became the best closing pitcher in 1997 and the New York Yankees became even stronger when he took the mound.

More so than all of this, Mariano is our conscious leader and will hopefully be our first interview for our broadcasting conscious leadership show, written and produced by all of us at our news media company.

We are a team of neurodivergent young adults out to mentor and bring awareness to the masses, and what it takes to make a positive change in our communities.

Knowing the fact that Mariano Rivera played for the New York Yankees,

His foundation mission runs parallel to ours, helping people bring the community together and renovate buildings and schools so the kids can be safe and feel happy about their futures.

We are very similar , Autisticana is a blog that is going to sweep the nation.

We investigate good news and advocate for our futures and those of others in similar situations.

I think it would be great to collaborate with Mariano Riveras foundation since our soundbites both say , “ We are here to make people’s futures a bit brighter. “

I am so looking forward to interviewing Mariano and hearing his purpose driven work.


Scott Weisbrot CEO