This is the first time that New York won a MLS Cup Finals, which something that I never thought would happen. Even though I’m a New York Red Bulls Fan, I couldn’t be even more proud of them for making it this far. When I first heard that NYCFC won the Eastern Conference against the Philadelphia Union and made it to the MLS Cup, I just said to myself “You know what, I should watch the MLS Cup just because there’s a New York Soccer Team that made it for the 1st time in MLS History,” plus the team was established in 2013 but joined the league in 2015.

It all started when NYCFC played in the MLS Cup Final at Portland, Oregon on the 11th of December, 2021. It was a gloomy rainy afternoon which I thought it was cloudy like in England but I only said it because of the cloud texture when it’s all mostly white. During the match it was a good start but it was competitive. NYCFC was the better side during the 1st Half. During the 40th Minute, it was free kick for NYCFC while Maxi Moralez kicked the ball to Valentín Castellanos and got the goal to end the deadlock scoreless match. The away supporters were really happy and the excitement of the atmosphere. Even the fans from the Hammerstein Ballroom in the Manhattan Center in New York City. During halftime NYCFC is leading 1-0 and hoping to take their MLS Cup Trophy. The Blues were starting to tire themselves out during the last 20 minutes of regulation time. The team had some moments but could not score a 2nd goal. When Diego Valeri subbed in, the Portland Timbers finally gotten better and the rest of the team build up their efforts, but the team created some chances. By the time when the last second of stoppage time at the 94th minute, my hopes were about to become real — but the Portland Timbers got a last second goal, which made the whole crowd insanely hyped up and amped up like out of control. Felipe Mora scored the goal to tie it up to extra time which I was at shocked because it wasn’t supposed to happen. The Referee didn’t do anything about most of the fouls and what’s even worse, Valentín Castellanos complained to the referee about the foul before the last second goal which means he didn’t bother his request. If I was the referee for soccer, I would blow the whistle anytime if there’s illegal contact or pushing the players which I would give one of the players a card if something gets worse. The point is that NYCFC didn’t get their fair share to win the MLS Cup at the moment and they have no choice but to end regulation time and go to extra time.

During extra time, it was still 1-1 and NYCFC was devastated because they couldn’t end the match 1-0 in regulation time. The team finally woke up after the meaning of this unacceptable goal which could’ve been disallowed but the referee refused to take action. New York kept their team together and played harder in order to survive sudden death which Both teams thought their hardest but sadly no goals. The fouls were hardly found which it was unrealistic performance for any danger contacts but no stoppage time for both halves so we end up went to Penalty Shootout.

During Penalty Shootouts, both Goalies got prepared to save plays to get a win which isn’t easy. New York took the first spot kick the Penalty shot first. When Castellano scores it went in, Portland turns Mora scores but failed to get the goal which Johnson the Goalie got a phenomenal save to keep them alive. When Morales shoot the ball to the goalie it was close but just short for the goalie to save it. When Valeri, the greatest player of Portland went up, it was too close to get in but Johnson caught the ball and now we could possibly get that winning feeling halfway through. When Maxi Moralez decided to go for goal, the smallest player stand tall and the goal was in so New York had a good chance to win the army against the Portland Timbers. Then Moreno shoot the but which it went in to trick the goalie to go to the opposite side for them to take advantage to catch up. When Talles Magno, the club’s most expensive player had a bright future to help the team get power and skyrocketing to get the goalie which is the most confident player to win the Finals. The Portland Timbers has one more chance for themselves or else NYCFC wins the MLS Cup but not when Paredes shoot the ball and it went in. Johnson was annoyed that the ball wasn’t close enough to save it for the team to win. Fans and teammates are in a train wreck to think that now the Timbers are getting closer. If New York don’t get the winning goal, the whole penalty kick would be a nail biting moment for everyone around the match. The superhero for New York City FC is Alexander Callens, which he’ll probably be the one to make NYCFC get there dreams a reality. When Callens kicked the ball into the net, it was a little above the goalie and New York City FC are officially 2021 MLS Cup Champions.

Today we witnessed history in New York Sports History and this is the 1st time that a New York Soccer Team gets to win the MLS Cup. It was a breakthrough moment from the Lads from the Bronx which captured the reality of being Champions. Fans around the world were excited and thrilled to see New York City in blue with an opportunity to become the best team of season and giving everyone love and joy. New York City FC are officially MLS Cup Champions of 2021 for the first time in MLS Cup History and their first Win in the MLS Cup. It was wild and the crowds are loving it, to witness the great feeling of New York lifting the trophy. Some of the Manchester City Fans are eager to the sponsor team that represent their blue to open History. The Blue of Manchester City matches the logo of New York City FC. Everyone on team will cherish this moment and enjoy their happiness of lifting the trophy.

New York is officially Blue for Soccer and the fans at the Hammerstein Ballroom in the Manhattan Center in New York City went wild after that last successful penalty kick for NYCFC. Alexander Callens got the winning goal for PK and make New York City the greatest Soccer Team in the League. NYCFC joins parent club Manchester City in the Abu Dhabi-funded group in winning a title. The group now partially or completely owns NYCFC and Manchester City, as well as teams in Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, China, France, India, Japan, Spain and Uruguay with a full partnership around the Globe.

New York City FC worked so hard to pass through all of the playoffs even though the team finished in 4th Place in the Eastern Conference. The first round they played against Atlanta United and the team won 2-0. Next the team played against the 2021 Supporters Shield Champions New England Revolutions in the Conference Semifinals and they draw 2-2 but New York won 5-3 in PK mode. When New York played against Philadelphia Union in the Eastern Conference Finals which New York City FC won 2-1 and become Eastern Conference Champions. That was the moment when I realized it was time to support NYCFC because I always wanted a Soccer Team in New York to make to the MLS Cup Final. That’s how I got the idea to write a blog about the MLS Cup Champions of 2021.

On Tuesday December 14, 2021 New York City had a Ceremony to celebrate at Town Hall with everyone to celebrate the First New York Pro Sports Team since the New York Giants when they won the Super Bowl in 2012. Since NYCFC couldn’t have a ticket parade instead they decided to have a ceremony at Town Hall with limited amount of fans. Lots of Fans wanted to cheer for NYCFC to give them all of the credit for their hard work. People in the City were really happy to see the show and news reporters were here to witness the story about history.

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Since New York City FC couldn’t have their specific Stadium which they ended use Yankees Stadium in the Bronx and recently the team played in Citi Field in some matches which is home of the New York Mets. Hopefully one day they’ll get their own stadium near Citi Field since the Bronx refused to give them a proper stadium. I would love to see New York grow the interest of Soccer and root for either the New York Red Bulls or NYCFC.

Edited by Elliot Gavin Keenan

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