Australian Footy is one of interests of Sports overseas that I never heard of in the US. Australian Footy is much different than American Football because it’s a rounded field and has 3 goal posts but the 2 goal posts on the sides are called behind which means if you kick it on those posts, you only get a point. The Goal Post in the mIddle is the one we’re you can earn 6 points if you kick it in the middle. The Scoring results are much different than American Football which both AFL and NFL both has 4 Quarters but different timings per Quarter. I would often watch it on Fox Sports if I have some energy to stay up late or get up early in the morning. I picked some of teams of the 18 but one of my favorite Aussie Footy Team is the Brisbane Lions. The Town Brisbane reminds me of Bluey which it’s actually based on a kids cartoon show in Australia. The Brisbane Lions is currently one of the best teams in the league so far this season compares with Melbourne, Fremantle Dockers and Carlton. The Brisbane Lions had a great 2021 season finished in 4th but lost against the Western Bulldog’s during the Semifinals. Now the Brisbane Lions wants to focus on continued to be the best team in the league and hopefully win the 2022 Season. Chris Fagan is the Head Coach of the Lions and Greg Swan is the CEO of the Football Club. Dwayne Zorko is the Capitan of the Club. The Club was formerly known as the Brisbane Bears until 1996 and The Lions was taken over after the idea of the Fitzroy Lions Football Club. The Lions wear Maroon, Gold and Blue which represent their colors for the club. Brisbane Lions was going to get a new Stadium at the Brighton Homes Arena coming soon for the Men’s and Women’s Team for Brisbane.

I was early in the US but wrapping up the evening match in Australia. It was the Brisbane Lions vs West Coast Eagles. During the 1st Quarter Charlie kicked the ball and scored a goal the 1st minute. Then Charlie Cameron kicked it to goal. In the meantime, The West Coast Eagles scored goal. Before the Lions wrapped up the 1st Quarter, Hugh McCluggage scored The Lions and took the lead 21-6. During the 2nd Quarter, Dan McStay was injured and have to be subbed off and Thomas Berry subbed in for him. Charlie Cameron got 2 goals in a on the board to the Lions a 34-6 lead. During the 3rd Quarter One of the players who kicked it from the Center Square into Goal Square and Jack Payne scored a goal from long range. Charlie Cameron caught the ball in the 50 yard zone and kicked it in the goal post to give Brisbane 48-6 lead. During the 4th Quarter, the Lions were winning 61-20 and Hugh McCluggage scored his 3 goals in a row for the night. Then Oscar Mclnerney kicked the ball up in the air and landed into the goal square which bounced it for a goal to give the Lions another lead 86-28. Thomas Berry kicked it in the 50 meters yard zone and made it to the goal post. During 30 seconds on the clock, Zac Bailey scored the last goal of the night and the Brisbane Lions won 105-30. The Brisbane Lions won by 75 margins over the West Coast Eagles but the Lions were too strong for undermanned Eagles and broke the record for the biggest win against the Eagles.

The Brisbane Lions won 105 to 30 which The Lions got 16 Goals and 9 Behinds (105) and the Eagles got 4 Goals and 6 Behinds (30). At the end of the Match, the Home Team sings there anthem Every time when finished the game with a Win.

Here’s the list of the Result of the Brisbane Lions Match

Brisbane Lions 3.3 5.6 9.7 16.9 (105)
West Coast 1.0 1.1 3.2 4.6 (30)

Goals of The Match
Brisbane Lions: Cameron 4, McCluggage 4, Rayner 2, Payne, Coleman, McInerney, T. Berry, J. Berry. Bailey.
West Coast Eagles: Ryan 3, Darling.

Best of the Match
Brisbane Lions: McCluggage, Neale, Zorko, Cameron, Rich ,Answerth.
West Coast Eagles: Hurn, McGovern, Jones, Redden, Ryan.

Injuries Report of the Match
Brisbane Lions:
McStay (ankle).
West Coast Eagles: Nil.

Umpires: Haussen, Glouftsis, McGuinness.
Crowd: 19,331 at the Gabba in Brisbane, Queensland

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